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Stone card - Dyed Ruby

Stone card - Dyed Ruby


Dyed ruby ​​is a stone of life, it gives vitality , courage, self-confidence, strength and will. It promotes concentration and helps you take action to successfully complete your projects. This stone increases all passions and the feeling of affection towards others and oneself. It protects the heart and the circulatory system while restoring tone and vitality.

Dyed ruby ​​gives courage and strength, it stimulates will and allows confident decision-making. Stone of life , it symbolizes happiness and burning fire, it restores the joy of living and enthusiasm. Dyed ruby ​​develops the imagination and opens the mind to a new vision, thus providing great spiritual strength . It is also an excellent anchoring stone. It brings dreamers back to the present moment by promoting concentration.

The astrological signs of dyed ruby: Aries, Leo and Cancer.

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