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With each new collection, the L'Atelier des Dames boutiques get a makeover. They change to put on their most beautiful finery and sparkle in their respective cities: Hossegor, Bordeaux and Biarritz. The fall-winter collection was launched a few weeks ago and the windows are impatiently waiting to change their look (just like us!) to welcome this new season.

Pretty windows...

The windows of our stores will soon be dressed for winter... We are used to creating pretty frescoes drawn directly on site or stickers affixed from the inside. But this season, we decided to change focus to highlight a direction that is particularly close to our hearts, the local thanks to the Arty Competition .

For the occasion, we want to involve you in the creative process , to showcase your talent, to collaborate with you ! We want to highlight the local area through your artistic talents, a way of collaborating together and creating pretty things for the winter period.

To decorate our windows in Hossegor, Bordeaux and Biarritz we are looking for artists , creative , ingenious , poetic and receptive to our brand image. This will be a temporary showcase (from November 2022 to March 2023) which must be set up in the store at the beginning of November by you. We are thinking of drawing directly on the window, collage, why not a suspended installation, poems... In short, let your imagination speak! The objective for us is to offer windows with a common theme, winter , while promoting a unique style for each of them.

…created by artists…

The windows will be decorated by you, with your personal touch. This full-scale project requires creativity, ingenuity and patience. Obviously, anyone can nominate themselves . This competition is aimed at you, your neighbors, your acquaintances, your families, your friends, your colleagues. Whether you are a nurse, craftsman, accountant or mechanic, give free rein to your artistic side . We do not expect any qualifications, just a creative and diligent spirit to create a beautiful showcase.

There is surely an artist hiding in your circle, it may even be you. So, don't hesitate to apply to try to create one of our showcases and thus be exhibited for several months in Hossegor, Bordeaux or Biarritz.

…local and invested!

In summary, this Arty competition is aimed at all artists and all people who exploit their gift in their free time. It consists of creating a store window for a defined period (November 2022 to March 2023). Any method can be used as long as it leaves the jewelry visible in the display case.

To apply, 3 steps are necessary:

  • Send us your portfolio, your Instagram account and/or website by email so that we can see your work, your style and your sensitivity.
  • We will send you by email a brief, our constraints (window sizes, photos, need for product visibility, use of the logo, etc.)
  • You will send us your ideas in return, we will work together on the feasibility of your project and on possible graphic variations on our products!
We offer you a complete project in collaboration with us! We want to share your talent with our entire community by creating content around this partnership .

Your design will be displayed in the window and on different media . And to thank you for your contribution, a gift voucher of 500 euros will be offered to you.

Now it's up to you to play by sharing this competition with those around you or by participating by forwarding your work to us in this email with the subject: Arty Competition.

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