ELSA, la gamme de bijoux d'exception en pierres fines

ELSA, the range of exceptional jewelry in fine stones

At the Workshop, we use fine stones for the protective properties they provide. Our desire is to be a real lucky charm that adorns you and gives you confidence. We also love the color variations they offer.

This is why within our Elsa range , we offer you unique jewelry , worked with new fine stones .

Aquaterra Jasper reassures and protects. It is an excellent ally for regaining the determination, mental strength and confidence that will allow you to achieve new goals .


Aquaterra Jasper immediately immerses us in the heart of natural landscapes. Its color variations and patterns take us to the heart of desert landscapes, rivers, mountains or forests.

With this range of colors that it offers, we advise you to opt for a pretty look in light colors in order to make the jewelry stand out more. We assure you that you will not go unnoticed!

If you are looking for the perfect piece of jewelry, it is high time to introduce you to our new product of the season ! And yes, our Elsa range has many surprises in store for you:

Here is the heishi & faceted stone necklace 🤩

Be ready to attract attention with this original necklace and its detachable azurite stone. It brings an extra touch of color and shine to your look. ⁠In addition, Azurite optimizes the ability to think by developing intelligence and discernment. It encourages open-mindedness and invites you to listen to your intuition by removing blockages.

Also fall for the detachable multi-strand necklace from our Elsa range! It is a versatile and captivating piece of jewelry that allows you to personalize your look according to your desires . This necklace mixes several natural stones : azurite, chrysoprase, mother-of-pearl, chrysocolla, tiger's eye and amazonite. It's up to you to choose how you want to wear it since it offers you multiple possibilities in one single necklace . We love its “accumulation effect” offered thanks to a single necklace! You can also adorn it with a heishi necklace and play with the different lengths by adding a longer necklace.

Find our Flower jewelry in our Elsa range! And yes, you loved them in our previous collection: they’re back! With these jewels, what is certain is that you will not go unnoticed! The Flower cuff will enhance your wrist and go perfectly with your spring looks . You can accompany the cuff with a pretty Carole bracelet for a chic and trendy look. The Flower ring will also bring a colorful touch to your look. Keep it with you every day, the stones will act as mental support in all situations. ⁠
Find all the jewelry in our Elsa range on our website and in our three stores!
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