La Chrysocolle : l'alliée de votre bien-être intérieur

Chrysocolla: the ally of your inner well-being

A new stone is arriving at the Atelier des Dames!

Chrysocolla , does this stone mean anything to you?

This is a first at the Atelier, chrysocolla is coming to enhance your most beautiful jewelry. This pretty blue-green stone was often used by Aztec, Inca and Egyptian cultures. They believed that chrysocolla could treat many illnesses. This was the case in ancient Egypt where this stone was thought to help cure liver and spleen diseases, while the Aztecs believed it could help relieve menstrual pain.

Beyond its magnificent color with variations of shades that can range from turquoise to dark green, this stone is also known for its healing and spiritual properties .


Chrysocolla, the stone of emotional balance

Chrysocolla is known to help soothe emotions , reduce stress and anxiety . It can also help relieve emotional tension and promote relaxation . It is a stone associated with communication and self-expression . It can help improve interpersonal communication and encourage creative expression. Chrysocolla is often associated with harmony and balance . It can help balance the energies of the body and mind, and promote inner peace . With this pretty stone in bluish colors, opt for an outfit in similar tones or opt for neutral colors to let the stone stand out and shine . Personally, I would opt for a pretty white blouse and bohemian white pants accompanied by a long chrysocolla necklace. The total white look will highlight the necklace since the Chrysocolla will add a touch of color and shine to the outfit .

Here is a selection presenting our favorite Chrysocolla jewelry :

We start our selection with the long double necklace in chrysocolla and Green Onyx from our Charlotte range . The colors of the two stones form an electric duo and bring out the beauty of the long chain. Dress your neck with this pretty necklace which can be the basis of your accumulation . We love its two necklaces in one effect . This necklace can be the timeless piece of jewelry that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your outfit. Bring out your style and reveal your inner beauty.

At the workshop, we fell in love with this multi-stone necklace . It brings together Green Onyx, Chrysoprase, Amazonite and Chrysocolla. A necklace rich in colors and with many virtues . Its long chain made of fine stones gives you the choice, you can wear it as a long necklace or as a double necklace . At the workshop, we particularly like modular jewelry like this since it gives you the choice. It's up to you to decide how you want to wear it according to your desires of the day. What is certain is that it will brighten up your outfits thanks to its various blue and green stones .

What if we fell for these magnificent grigri hoop earrings ? These grigri earrings are the touch of pep that adds personality to your look. These colorful hoop earrings are designed to enhance your style. Whether you wear them for a chic evening or a casual day at the beach, grigri earrings are the perfect companion to add a touch of sparkle to your style.

We stay in the theme of grigri jewelry and we present to you our dear and tender grigri necklace from the Charlotte range . This unique necklace, adorned with its colorful pearls and grigris enhanced by chrysocolla, is a symbol of natural beauty and serenity. It is the perfect companion for a stroll by the beach.

Just a fan of her heart jewelry which combines Chrysocolla and Dalmatian Jasper . Both sweet and romantic, these jewels are a constant reminder of the love we have for those around us. Whether to celebrate a special occasion or simply to add a touch of tenderness to your outfit, heart-shaped jewelry is the perfect gift to make yourself or to give to someone special.

We finish this selection with our superb bi-material necklace . With its rectangular mesh chain, its fine stones and its drop medallion, this necklace leaves room for your creativity . You can choose to close the necklace with a medallion or to keep the chain alone.

Find our entire range of Chrysocolla jewelry on our e-shop as well as in our three stores .

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