Notre sélection printanière 💐

Our spring selection 💐

That's it, spring has arrived and it must be said that here, we already feel the difference. Sun, pleasant temperatures, we are gradually getting closer to our favorite season, summer☀️ .

We know that for many, it's also your favorite season!

We put the coats in the closet, we take out the pretty blazers and we make way for walks by the water and barbecues after a good day of work. Are you up for it?

That said, there is no question of leaving the house without being enhanced by your prettiest jewelry! From color to grigris, the Ladies have made a selection of models not to be left out for this season!

Our selection of jewelry perfect for spring

The Louise range

A range created from small treasures found in the sand . Made up of 4 unique sets , it is associated with colorful charms, shells and lots of good humor!⁠

Blog - Louise Range

The Charlotte range

In this new season, everyone needs to find a little pep, sunshine, joy but also color.

So enhance your outfits with jewelry from the Charlotte range , a flashy amazonite set accompanied by its golden and pink grigris.

Blog - Charlotte range

The Flora range

Originating from South America, Heishi pearls are round and flat shapes, they are made from shells or stones. Today, they integrate the new collection into the Flora range . Simple jewelry with an ethnic style that comes in several colors. Plain or multi-colored, it's up to you to choose your ally this season!

Blog - Flora Range

The Carla range

Inspired by the chakras and their respective colors, the jewelry from the Carla range offers colorful and lively compositions. To wear alone or as an adornment, these little wonders will awaken your inner energy.

Blog - Carla Range

This is just our opinion, you can also discover all our collections to find the jewel that suits you, by its stone or its color.

If you would like to get advice from our Ladies, we invite you to come to the store, or to write to us on Instagram and Facebook, it will be a pleasure for us to help you ❤️

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