Un casting exceptionnel !

An exceptional casting!

Some time ago, we posted a story on our networks to find photo models among our community. A casting open to all in order to find varied profiles to highlight women , customers, subscribers, and quite simply you. A great opportunity to meet you and share a friendly moment with a small group of women.

It all starts with an idea

This casting idea came to us during our team discussions on our social media feeds . Our objective, but also our desire, is to share with you every day a lovely varied content which presents our jewelry in several forms . You can find them on a white background to discover all the details, in montage to understand their design or even worn on a mannequin to see the cumulative result.

Each format has a representation, it presents the jewel in different ways but none really shows what it looks like when worn on a daily basis. And we know that this aspect is one of the most important. This is why we launched our first casting call with you. It is based on the desire of each candidate to highlight the brand through activities to showcase their designated adornment .

Jewelry always jewelry

The jewelry selections were made in advance by our team of ladies, directly in the workshop. The silhouettes were assigned based on the style and tastes of the models . They each consisted of a pair of earrings, necklaces of different lengths, bracelets and rings, all relating to a color. Indeed, the creation of the jewelry packs followed a specific range and/or stone to help show the extent of the jewelry available in our new collection .

It is also for this occasion that we set up this casting. A way to create content and highlight our fine stone pieces in a relaxed way. The jewelry from the new collection was able to be worn for a morning by women from our community. They were photographed and videoed to be the new faces of this fall-winter collection .

12 silhouettes, 12 women

To select these women, we asked them to send us their personal information by email (last name, first name, age), their profiles on the networks, their motivations and some photos of themselves. The objective was not to recruit photo professionals. On the contrary, we wanted to find women with varied profiles , who are comfortable in front of the camera without expecting them to pose.

With more than fifty applications, we took the time to dissect each email and their content. There have been several discussions on this subject to find a group that complements each other and not have too much resemblance between them. This choice also made it possible to show a range of women who are among our clients and subscribers.

Once the selection was validated, we contacted them by email to tell them the good news. They also received information on the date of the shoot, the meeting place and instructions on their outfits, makeup and hairstyles.

Everyone was present for this exceptional event. The day passed in joy and good humor, with lots of content that you will be able to discover as the new collection progresses. The entire process will be detailed in a future article as well as on L'Atelier des Dames' social networks.

Other castings will surely be proposed for future collections. To keep up with all our news, come follow us on Instagram .

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