Une journée sans rire n'existe pas à l'Atelier !

A day without laughter does not exist at the Atelier!

As you know, the Atelier des Dames is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. Over time, new projects took shape and our team grew! There have never been so many of us, each one brings their personality , their talent , their experience and their touch of madness to the Atelier des Dames. Beyond a team, we support each other if one needs it, we laugh, we work and we do everything to make sure you like our jewelry!

Every day we have fun, sometimes we improvise as dancers or gymnasts by making videos and choreographies . We don't really take ourselves seriously and that's why we love spending time together.

Last year, during our team day , we had the chance to practice kayaking ! We had a laugh and you can imagine that more than one of the girls on the team ended up in the water... This year, it was climbing , and what is certain is that none of the team will end up professional! 🤣 Once again, we had a blast and spent an afternoon full of laughter .

As you can see, laughter is at the center of everything at the Atelier and it's partly thanks to that that we get up in the morning wanting to come to the office! We can't wait to get together to tell each other our daily stories !

One word symbolizes our way of seeing things: Karma . Our life is determined by our actions, so we like to believe that love , sharing , laughter and mutual help help us live better.

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