CARLA, la gamme aux 7 chakras !

CARLA, the range with 7 chakras!

As you know, at L'Atelier des Dames we create jewelry using fine stones . Handcrafted pieces made in our workshop in Hossegor by our team. All these stones are carefully selected for their virtues and their colors in order to offer you ranges of trendy jewelry in all circumstances.

Let's talk little, let's talk chakras

This season, we have renewed the CARLA range . You may have already noticed, but this set is a bit special. Indeed, it is based on the chakras which also translates as energy wheel . To be a little more precise, according to Buddhist philosophy, the chakras represent points of circular energy, along the axis of our body. There are 7 main chakras for the human body that need to be balanced. The stones then act as a real energetic treatment for these 7 chakras, each represented by a color and a question:

  • Muladhara or Root Chakra is represented by the color red - I am
  • Swadhistana or Sacral Chakra is orange in color – I feel
  • Manipura or Solar Plexus Chakra evokes the color yellow - I want
  • Anahata or Heart Chakra embodies the color green - I like
  • Vishuda or Throat Chakra is symbolized by the color blue - I speak
  • Ajna or 3rd eye Chakra is illustrated by the color indigo - I see
  • Sahasrara or Crown Chakra corresponds to the color purple or white - I know

Now that you know a little more about the chakras , you are probably wondering what connection there is between our jewelry and them? It's very simple, each chakra being represented by a color, it is possible to link each of them to one or more stones from our collection :

Thus, the stones harmonize perfectly with each other and are modeled on this energy wheel. Each of these stones brings virtues to its wearer such as confidence, tenderness, courage and vitality . A nice combo that helps you on a daily basis depending on your needs or the challenges you overcome.

100% colorful pieces

You can find these compositions in several models. First we have a box with 7 heart-shaped stones for the 7 chakras . The stones used are different but they always follow the colorimetry of these energy points. They are presented in a wooden box . So, you can highlight them inside it or distribute the stones all around you to benefit from the virtues they contain. This box is also accompanied by a leaflet which explains what the chakras are and details the stones.

Then, we find the CARLA range and all its colorful jewelry. It also uses the colors and stones linked to the 7 chakras and offers original and multicolored jewelry . This range consists of a heishi necklace and bracelet , jewelry that we no longer need to introduce, with a green onyx base. There is also a grigri necklace and bracelet with stone or rhinestone fetishes for a dazzling finish. Long necklaces are also making a comeback with unique heart and cross medallions as well as animal-shaped pieces: snake in amazonite and tiger in green onyx. Finally, discover our two new products this season, the moon ring and the moon signet ring. Fine, golden pieces to wear every day.

Chakra boxes - carla range - the 7 chakras rangeHeishi necklace - Carla Range - the 7 chakras rangeHeishi bracelet - Carla Range - the 7 chakras rangeRing - Carla Range - the range with 7 chakras

The CARLA range allows you to create complete and colorful sets to combine with your favorite looks. And its connection with the chakras makes its pieces even more fabulous!

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