CLAIRE, une gamme de bijoux sublimée par l'Œil du Tigre

CLAIRE, a range of jewelry enhanced by the Eye of the Tiger

You have discovered them since the release of our Spring-Summer Collection , this year we are offering you new jewelry , with new shapes , new colors and new fine stones .

From the Greek terms “lithos” meaning stone and “theraperia” meaning “cure”, lithotherapy is defined as “stone therapy”. This principle has been used since the Middle Ages where lapidaries of the time guaranteed that certain types of stones had magical powers and used them as medical treatments. In lithotherapy, if you keep a stone by your side or wear it as jewelry, it can show a positive effect on several physical, psychological or emotional disorders and each fine stone has its own virtue .

At the Workshop, we make our jewelry with real fine stones. Each fine stone is distinguished by its roughness, its inclusions, its clarity and the richness of its tones.

We associate them with virtues of all types : aesthetic, spiritual and energetic. The jewelry you have chosen contains one or more stones that will bring you the energy that best suits you.

Your choice of jewelry is not a coincidence! The stones present attracted you by their colors, their virtues. Your intuition has spoken, trust it!

The eye of the tiger, a fine stone of protection

The eye of the tiger is a true stone of protection . Roman soldiers wore a tiger's eye in battle with lucky symbols engraved on it, the tiger's eye protects and brings strength and courage. Its protective effect eliminates stress , strengthens self-confidence and strength of character . The meaning of the name "tiger's eye" comes from the fact that it resembles the feline's iris. The color varies from yellow to brown, crossed by beautiful striped shades.

It is a real shield that keeps negative energies away. These benefits will allow you to improve your friendly relationships and overcome your fears in order to succeed in asserting yourself with more serenity.

This stone is linked to certain signs of the Zodiac:

Leo , with a colorful character, may opt for the eye of the tiger in order to strengthen his strength of character .

Gemini , very comfortable in society and with words, may opt for the tiger's eye stone in order to open up more to others by bringing out their kindness and empathy.

Virgo , organized and far-sighted, likes to be reassured. The eye of the tiger will soothe this sometimes anxious sign and help eliminate the stress that surrounds it .

Claire, a range of jewelry enhanced by the eye of the tiger

We manufacture all our jewelry in our French workshop , based in Hossegor (Landes, France). We find our inspirations during our travels and this has allowed us to create a range composed mainly of tiger's eye and Amazonite.

Zoom on our pretty Claire range with five tiger's eye products.

We fell in love with this Heishi necklace which allows us to play with accumulations. Personally, I love combining it with the grigri necklace from the Eve range. The blue color of amazonite combines perfectly with that of the tiger's eye and brings a touch of pep to your outfit.

Also new this year, the Heishi stud earrings which enhance your ears and add detail to your outfits.

Opt for a 100% Tiger's Eye look or combine these little wonders with other jewelry from our collection.

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