Coffrets de Noël et Collab Artistes

Christmas Boxes and Artist Collabs

At l'Atelier des Dames we don't do things in half measures and for our Christmas projects we weren't going to do less.

It was time for our store windows to be renewed, because winter was approaching.

For Christmas we wanted to spoil you, offer you a lovely selection of unique jewelry , but in addition, we wanted everything to be presented to you in a pretty unique box.

We thought arty , we thought collaboration , we thought local ...

We like local relationships , local partners and the fact of being able to collaborate with artists from our region really appealed to us. There is so much know-how in the region!

After a casting call/competition to find the artists who best suited the world of Atelier des Dames, we selected an artist living near each of our stores .

Our windows were offered as a white Canvas and the theme was the feminine universe, winter and a touch of magic for the end-of-year celebrations.

Ruth, Charlotte and Noémie gave it their all and each invented a particular universe that brought together their style and ours. Each person drew their illustration directly on our window.

Ruth in our Biarritz store, Charlotte in our Hossegor store and Noémie in our Bordeaux store.

Our Biarritz showcase

Our Hossegor showcase

Our Bordeaux showcase

3 poetic, feminine and gentle universes that accompany us during these winter months. We are in love and they loved collaborating with us on this project.

Their illustrations have also been printed on our Christmas Boxes , bringing the magic into your home .

Our boxes are made up of 3 jewels and in different stones . 3 prices are offered: 60, 80 and 100 € .

In our Christmas Box for €60 you will find a Dyed Ruby pearl necklace with a pretty drop medallion in the same fine stone, a 100% gold grigri bracelet and a pair of mismatched earrings.

The charms can be worn on the bracelet as well as on the earrings and the drop-shaped medallion is removable thanks to its clasps. Enough to create your own style.

Find this box set here.

Our second Christmas Box at €60 is made up of a Carnelian beaded necklace, a grigri bracelet and a pair of mismatched grigri earrings. The bracelet can also be used to extend the necklace, thanks to its clasp.

Find our second Christmas Box for €60 by clicking here.

Our Christmas Boxes at €80 offer you a necklace with a cameo stone medallion, a bracelet and an elastic ring.

The bracelet can also be used to extend the necklace .

This box is offered in the following fine stones: Labradorite, Amazonite, Moonstone, Lapis Lazuli and Green Onyx.

Watch them by clicking here to make your choice!

Our Christmas Gift Boxes at €100 are offered in Amazonite, Lapis Lazuli, Dyed Ruby, Green Onyx, Moonstone, Tiger's Eye and Black Onyx.

You will find a fine stone necklace, a marquise bangle and an adjustable multi-stone ring .

Our different Christmas Boxes have been specially designed to be the gift that is sure to please.

All our Christmas boxes are available in our 3 stores and on our e-shop here.

Quantities of our boxes are limited!

Find the worlds of our 3 artists here:




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