CORALIE, la gamme avec laquelle vous ne passerez pas inaperçue !

CORALIE, the range with which you will not go unnoticed!

A few weeks ago, we presented our new jewelry collection to you, offering trendy and elegant jewelry. This collection has been carefully designed to highlight the natural beauty of each woman and each range has been crafted to offer you jewelry that reflects your personality and style .

Our Coralie range was created to enhance every woman because she deserves to feel special and unique .

CORALIE a range rich in fine stones ✨

Within our CORALIE range , you can find many fine stone jewelry. Black Onyx, Chrysocolla, Amazonite, Chrysoprase, Mother-of-Pearl or Malachite, we give you the choice! It's up to you to choose the stone that best suits you .

Black Onyx is present in many pieces in this range. It increases self-control, develops a sense of responsibility and self-control. It calms, stabilizes and allows objectivity. It brings harmony and balance between body and mind. Acting on the root chakra which it strengthens and stabilizes, black onyx brings mental stability and self-control.

Our detachable multi-strand necklace from the Coralie range is an essential! It offers you the “ accumulation ” effect in a single necklace. You can also add the sublime heishi & scarab necklace in Black Onyx from the Coralie range. It is composed of a heishi base and a chrysoprase scarab medallion . Its particularity is that it can be worn with or without a medallion.

Did you know that the scarab was a symbol of protection ?
A sign of luck and prosperity, it also brings balance and harmony.⁠

For its part, Chrysoprase accompanies new beginnings in life. It develops a feeling of love and uniqueness and softens relationships. Chrysoprase soothes , rids the mind of anything that could hinder its natural development and channels positive feelings.
We fell in love with the star medallion necklace and earrings from the Coralie range. These wonders have been designed to accumulate and enhance your outfits in an instant.⁠ They adapt to all styles. With the simplicity of its chain and its pretty medallion, you no longer need to think in the morning to find how to combine it with your outfits! Trust us, simple will do the trick!⁠

A range rich in symbol 🐝

We presented to you above one of our favorite symbols from the Atelier but we didn't tell you about the bee necklace which is making a comeback in the Coralie range ! It's a real favorite, the bee is a symbol of the sweetness of life. Enjoy mixing it with your Heishis necklaces , your chains and your necklaces to enhance your style !

A pretty adornment in Azurite and Malachite 💙

Like a journey to the bottom of the ocean with shades of blue and green , this pretty set from the CORALIE range will make you fall in love. Add a bohemian touch to your look and opt for a unique style . The set will bring a touch of color and elegance to your look, whether for a special occasion or to add a touch of sparkle to your everyday life.

Fall for these wonderful Azurite and Malachite jewelry. Azurite optimizes the ability to think by developing intelligence and discernment. It breaks down blockages to encourage introspection and find a better balance. This gem also has the faculty of regeneration which helps the healing process, it provides energy which allows the body to rebuild itself.

Malachite helps counter fears, sadness and love stones by protecting negative energies. It allows you to express yourself calmly, to understand and to simplify things. By providing assurance, it strengthens the power of persuasion. It allows the release of anxieties and worries.

Find all the jewelry in our Coralie range on our website and in our three boutiques in Bordeaux, Biarritz and Hossegor!
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