Découvrez l'histoire des gammes ANITA et CELINE.

Discover the history of the ANITA and CELINE ranges.

A few days ago we put the new fall-winter 2022 collection online . It offers ranges in diverse colors to highlight women's bodies on a daily basis. Indeed, jewelry is much more than a simple accessory and has been since its creation.

Besides, do you know the origin of jewelry and the usefulness they have had for men throughout the centuries? You're going to tell me the story, it's a bit boring but I promise you'll like it. Since the appearance of humans, numerous objects have been created to enable them to survive and experience their environment every day. When they knew how to live with the fauna and flora, they added comfort to their lives with accessories of secondary utility. Little by little, fashion and decorative objects have taken their place in their daily lives . They were made from raw materials found in nature: shells, feathers, flowers. A way to please, to please yourself with pretty accessories .

Over the centuries, these little things have taken on importance in the lives of men. They were a way to show their wealth, their belief or even their belonging. Adorned with stones and metals , these jewels have become distinctions to the point of becoming true works of art. Today, jewelry is still considered fashion accessories , it allows each person to assert their personality and their style . They have become an essential in everyday looks to add a touch of color or just dress parts of the body: neck, wrist, ears, fingers.

L'Atelier des Dames seeks, through its jewelry collections, to highlight each woman with shapes, compositions, stones, jewelry. So many elements that will please you and enhance you, I am sure. Do you doubt it? So, try the accumulations of jewelry, colors and you will see that they will highlight you in the blink of an eye. If you wear golden necklaces, add pretty earrings with fine colored stones like amazonite, green onyx, strawberry quartz and if you prefer fine bracelets, don't hesitate to wear rings with beautiful cameo or engraved stones.



You will have understood, we use stones in most of our compositions because they bring color, elegance and virtues for the person who wears them (discover all the stones and their virtues, here ). They are divided into the different ranges that make up this new collection. Each of them has its own colorimetry, which makes it easy to recognize. Additionally, the ranges are called by first names. But why ? They bear the first names of the girls on the team, of women who are dear to us. A great recognition for all women. I suggest you discover two of them today: ANITA and CELINE .

ANITA represents contrast, warm and cold, sun and moon, color and neutral. Indeed, its main stones are carnelian, amazonite, black onyx and mother-of-pearl. On one side you find colored stones that tend towards orange and blue, on the other black and white stones. We also discover this difference in their virtues, two of them will bring you things such as joy and appeasement and the other two will allow you to fight against states of lack of confidence or anxiety. It is all these contradictions that make ANITA a strong range that goes with your entire wardrobe.

The CELINE range plays on softness both in the choice of color and in the virtues they provide. A blend that includes strawberry quartz, chrysoprase, tourmaline and labradorite, for simple and elegant compositions to wear every day or for special occasions. This range is also accompanied by charms with pretty symbols such as the heart which represents love in the broadest sense; for others, for yourself, for friends, loved ones. CELINE is definitely the range of tenderness and softness, but also that of renewal and the desire to go further.

Two ranges with distinct looks that represent women and enhance them through their fine stone pieces. Which of these ranges or pieces of jewelry will you fall for this season?

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