Escale Océane, une capsule à l’honneur de notre région qu'on aime tant ❤️

Escale Océane, a capsule in honor of our region that we love so much ❤️

Summer is fast approaching and you know how much we love designing new wonders to enhance you a little more every day.

The whole team worked hard, we thought a lot, tried, exchanged, it took us time and we are proud to present our second capsule, the Escale Océane .

You're used to seeing us create jewelry, where we find inspiration through our travels, but this time we're taking on a new challenge.

This year, very important for us, is based on the fifteen years of the brand . This is why, in this somewhat special year, we wanted to highlight this region which inspires and drives all the members of our team and which is the basis of our values, our Atlantic coast.

A range of textiles and accessories where emblematic symbols appear, starting from a drawing made by our talented Flora with a couple sunbathing inspired by her parents, a surfer with his board, without forgetting the series of girls on the beach, real nods to our team.

The most beautiful photos of our beloved region are taken and twisted by Flora's expert brush to pay homage to our history, our way of life, our walks on the beach and our beloved forest, in a shades of soft pastels.

This Ocean Stopover brings you a little more into our world: a late July afternoon, a beach behind the dune, friends laughing, a salt water bath, a “shellfish and crustaceans” playlist… Welcome to our Ocean Stopover.

A real holiday souvenir available in ready-to-wear, beach accessories and colorful pins.

We move on to the presentation of the capsule, we prefer to warn you, you will surely discover many favorites... But don't let them pass you by, a Limited Edition collection cannot be postponed!

Are you more of a long-sleeved shirt team or a short-sleeved shirt team?

Like last year, we offer you a long-sleeved shirt and a short-sleeved shirt . These shirts offer you a magnificent color gradient. The short-sleeved shirt, with its loose cut, gives a relaxed and summer style that you won't want to take off. The long-sleeved shirt is light and full of details. A strong piece that should be highlighted with pretty shorts, a long skirt or loose jeans.
Shirts can be worn tucked in, taken out, tied or open.

A new piece joins the Workshop!

It's the new piece to shop this year and we're already a fan at the workshop: the Escale Océane shorts .

This little marvel is available in two sizes and can be tightened thanks to its elastic belt and these two colored ties. We advise you to opt for a pretty white tank top and that's it!

A pretty skirt for a 100% Escale Océane ensemble

This sublime skirt will highlight your figure thanks to its cut and colors. At the Atelier, we are fans of the shirt/skirt combination which offers a 100% Escale Océane look and the result is just great! The Escale Océane long skirt is available in 2 sizes: S/M and L/XL.

Our summer essentials 🐚

How not to start this Summer Essential selection with our sublime Escale Océane scarf ?

Our scarf will protect you from the sun with class and elegance thanks to its magnificent pattern. You won't go unnoticed with its pastel gradient. Tied in your hair, hung around your neck, as a belt or even as a decoration on your bag, this piece will have its little effect.

Who says "summer" says "beach" and who says "beach" says: "TOWEL". We want to enhance you down to the detail of the towel because we know how pleasant it is to lay down on a great towel, on the sand, when the sun is out. You really liked it last year, the beach towel is back. A round napkin with a sailor pattern punctuated with small characters. A pretty composition that will have a great effect on the beach this summer.

Your jackets seem a little empty and lacking color. We have the solution with the Escale Océane pins ! Two colorful landscapes emblematic of the cities of Biarritz and Capbreton which will add a little detail to your outfits.

Choose the accessory that suits you to accompany you during an outing. We give you the choice since you can find a vanity case , a coin purse , a clutch in small or large size. These accessories can hold everything you need and with its pretty pattern, you're bound to fall for it! They are dressed in a pretty blue and white sailor shirt as well as little characters. It's up to you to choose the format that suits you best.

In the same pattern, we offer you the Escale Océane Large Tote Bag . Thanks to its large size, you can store all your accessories, clothes and other little wonders there. This bag makes life easier, are you going for a picnic with a friend? Don't worry, you can fit all of your belongings in there and all that with great ease.

Find all these gems on our website as well as in our three stores. If you want to follow all our adventures during this crazy year, we advise you, if you haven't already, to join our Instagram page , lots of surprises await you there!

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