EVE, une gamme, une pierre !

EVE, one range, one stone!

Since prehistoric times, men have used elements of nature to create everyday and sophisticated objects. Shells are one of these materials. They were pierced by hand and strung to create the first pieces of jewelry in history . Several pieces made from shells have, moreover, been found all over the world.

More than a fashion, a symbol

At this period, jewelry would have had several roles . First, they served as decoration and ornament for men . A form of creativity that allowed them to add a personal and recognizable touch to their outfit. Then, the similarities in fashions between different parts of the world indicate that there was trade. Like currency , these creations were exchanged in order to recover another object with equivalent value. In Africa, in particular, the cowrie would have served as a currency of exchange. It was seen as a precious material .

Even today, certain shells have a monetary value and are used in the making of jewelry. If they are still used it is because they have several symbols including rarity. Some of these shells are only available in a few places and in small quantities. This characteristic, like stones, makes them real little treasures . Shells are also linked to femininity , particularly in mythology since shells were synonymous with fertility and sensuality . We find this symbol on the painting The Birth of Venus. Finally, they also symbolize the journey since they find themselves at the water's edge, in the ocean. A true postcard landscape, these harvesting places inspire us with serenity and discovery .

Accumulation of fine stone necklaces - mother-of-pearl - moonstone

Mother-of-pearl, between shell and fine stone

And among these marine jewels , we find a white shell with iridescent reflections: mother-of-pearl . Between a fine stone and a shell, mother-of-pearl has virtues that can help you on a daily basis, I am sure. A soothing stone , mother-of-pearl helps fight against anxieties and tensions in order to attract positive waves . It facilitates romantic relationships thanks to its effects on communication and emotions. Mother-of-pearl contributes to a better understanding of oneself and others . It also stimulates imagination and creativity.

In summary, the virtues of this stone can be explained using 4 main expressions:

  • Self control
  • Facilitates communication
  • Open-mindedness
  • Regulates tension

Mother-of-pearl offers its benefits every day to the people who carry it close to them. You can find it in several forms, as an object to place on a piece of furniture or to put in your pocket, as pearls around a glasses chain, as a medallion on a piece of jewelry, as an inlay on a decoration. Almost everywhere in your daily life!

Return to the beach with the EVE range

At L'Atelier des Dames we offer you fine stone jewelry that brings color to your looks and virtues to your body. Mother-of-pearl became part of our big family some time ago. You may have found it in the form of pink mother-of-pearl and abalone in previous collections, it returns in the initial version, white, in theEVE range . All the pieces gilded with fine gold are mixed with stones, grigris, bells or mother-of-pearl pearls. You will find a set of heishi jewelry , a set with charms , necklaces with 1, 2 or 3 rows and small earrings . They can be accumulated, combined to make color reminders. Mother-of-pearl can also be combined with other more colorful stones such as amazonite , lapis lazuli or carnelian .

Grigri hoop earrings - fine stone - mother-of-pearlDouble necklace - fine stone - mother-of-pearlCreoles - fine stone - mother-of-pearl

The EVE range is soft pieces to wear every day to remind you of your summer memories by the ocean.

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