Blog - L'affiliation qu'est ce que c'est ?

What is Affiliation?

Have you ever heard of affiliation ? It is this system that offers you commissions when you talk about a brand, a product or even a service , and other people buy thanks to you. It gives you two roles with the brand you support: communicator and guarantor. But you have probably already heard about it from other brands, you may even already be one of them. For those who want a booster shot and those who are new, we tell you about it just below.

What is affiliation?

Affiliation benefits three parties in this exchange. First, there is the brand . She chooses to set up this system to create a new communication channel . She is no longer the only one to praise her merits, to put herself on the scene and to promote her products/services. Now, intermediaries play this role. As consumers, they are just as legitimate to talk about it. They talk about their experience, their usage and, of course, the brand . This adds truth to their words and reliability for potential customers.

These future buyers are the second group to benefit from this affiliation. Indeed, this sharing introduces new brands, acts as a live review and provides comfort in case of hesitation . All the information they may have searched for on the internet regarding quality, after-sales service and materials is explained and argued by an everyday user. Added value from affiliates.

A true intermediary throughout the process, they are the key to this system. These customers choose to become affiliates to promote a brand to their loved ones and those around them. They have a decision-making position because they can, in a few words, presentation or photos, bring new customers to the brand for which they work. Between salesperson and communicator, they bring their experience to the heart of their discussions.

Can I become an affiliate?

But who is behind these unusual sellers? They could be customers , fans of the brand , or fans of the sale . The important thing to remember is that this position is available to everyone.

For some, you spontaneously share your experiences with brands without receiving anything in return, for others, you feed your networks with content that is not sponsored but on which you have feedback. Affiliation is an excellent way for you to earn commissions by continuing your daily actions.

Conversely, you are probably a fan of a brand but you don't have the inclination to communicate about what you buy. As a loyal customer, your place is also in the affiliate program.

What do I need to do to become an affiliate?

I feel that this system is starting to interest you a little, so I will explain to you how affiliation works at L'Atelier des Dames.

We recently set it up to get you more involved and thank all those who already talk about us every day. If you are interested in affiliation, simply go to our Club area then Affiliation . You will find all the explanations necessary for your registration. Then, you must fill out a form , it will allow us to know a little more about you in order to validate your affiliate account. Once this step has been completed, you will receive a personal internet link . This will be your working tool. Indeed, thanks to this you will share our brand's website and recover commissions from potential buyers. With each purchase, you will receive a percentage of the basket.

A simple way to share your new purchases, talk about a brand you like and earn commissions from those around you. To register, it’s right here !

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