L'Amazonite, une pierre apaisante et bien plus encore !

Amazonite, a soothing stone and much more!

I don't know about you but today I want to wear color , a joyful touch full of character. I thought it was a good time to tell you a little more about precious stones . These stones are defined by their semi-precious nature, which means that they are available in greater quantities than precious stones. They remain, however, just as colorful and virtuous as the latter.

At L'Atelier des Dames we use fine stones for most of our handmade jewelry , creations which are made in our workshop in Hossegor. The selection of these stones is made by us based on their colors, their aspects or even their virtues . This is how amazonite entered our collections a few years ago.

We were first attracted by its flamboyant color , a turquoise blue (or green) which takes us on a journey at a glance. This color can obviously vary depending on the deposit because amazonite is a natural stone , but this in no way takes away its blue which always remains vibrant. In addition to its pretty color, both summer and winter, amazonite has many virtues such as:

😄 Eliminate negative thoughts and awaken the joy of living 😄

❤ Bring tenderness and love to help open up to others ❤

💬 Promote communication and the expression of truth 💬

💤 Soothe pain and rebalance sleep 💤

To summarize, amazonite is a soothing stone which regulates the emotional level. It brings independence and well-being because it is a stone of comfort which allows you to overcome stress and nervousness. It also makes you happy , attracts friendship, promotes the expression and perception of truth.

I know that by reading these few lines, you are starting to appreciate amazonite more and more, and I understand you. Besides, you may be one of these 4 astrological signs which are linked to this stone. In addition, the sign of:

Geminis are endowed with ease in terms of communication, this stone further favors their expression.

Pisces is attentive and tolerant, the Amazonite strengthens its social side with communication and empathy.

Sagittarius is rather optimistic by nature, so this stone helps him to awaken his joy of living every day.

Aquarius is sometimes characterized as introverted, this stone allows him to open up to others.

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That being said, you may also be attracted to this stone for other reasons, which is what makes fine stone jewelry so beautiful. All pieces have a history, a shape, colors and virtues that attract us more or less depending on our tastes, our sensitivity or our character traits. If this stone speaks to you, you will be delighted to learn that it is available in several of our jewelry ranges.

This collection once again welcomes amazonite in these compositions. We find it within the BILLIE range with a rather dark mixture of stones which combines black onyx, Dalmatian jasper, mother-of-pearl, chrysoprase and color with amazonite. There is also ANITA which plays on warm and cold colors thanks to carnelian, black onyx, mother-of-pearl and amazonite. CASSANDRE , for its part, focuses more on shades of green and blue with malachite, chrysoprase, black onyx and amazonite. The CLAIRE range is more ethnic with its mix of tiger's eye and black onyx brightened with amazonite. Finally, JOE , VANESSA and CATHY - CAROLE offer minimalist pieces with touches of color.

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You will have understood, amazonite is a stone as beautiful inside as it is outside. It offers its wearer many virtues such as joy, tenderness and truth. And it is a stone that is available in a large part of our new collection. So, don't wait any longer!

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