La fête des Grands-Mères approche à grands pas !

Grandmother's Day is fast approaching!

Because they take care of us every day and always take the time; because they make us good little dishes made with love or because they like to pamper us every day, it is essential to celebrate this lovely grandmother's day and take the opportunity to tell them how important they are to We. We wish you all those who read us here and who are concerned, a happy Grandmother's Day on this lovely March 5th.

Thank you Grandma for being who you are

As you know, at the Atelier, our main desire is to pamper women and enhance them through our jewelry collections. We are very happy to contribute to your personal development, to help you feel beautiful, whether you are teenagers, childless, mothers, grandmothers or great-grandmothers.

We have put together a nice selection for you, special for Grandmothers' Day, to help you find the jewelry that suits you or that would best suit your grandmother if you want to pamper her in turn.

A selection of jewelry rich in virtue

We start our selection with the pretty multi-row necklace from our Billie range. We love the green color of this necklace which immediately immerses us in the heart of sunny days. It will blend perfectly with your complexion and its fresh colors will highlight your outfits in the blink of an eye. ⁠The particularity of this product is that it offers you different possibilities. 1, 2 or 3 rows? It's up to you ! Let your imagination run wild and choose how you want to wear it. ⁠

You can also fall for the magnificent marquise bangle from our Billie range. Enhanced by Chrysoprase and Dalmatian Jasper, this bangle will highlight your wrist and can be the detail that makes the difference. Personally I love the combination of these two stones. Amazonite, a soothing stone, will bring you independence and well-being while Dalmatian Jasper will promote positive thoughts and good humor.

This pretty pair of grigri earrings from the Charlotte range is a timeless one to find. It goes perfectly with many styles and can add a chic touch to your outfit.

How not to make a selection for Grandmother's Day without showing you our pretty heart jewelry. The pretty long heart necklace is enhanced by strawberry quartz. This stone provides a great feeling of love and joy and promotes happiness. It’s the ideal stone to treat yourself to!

We add to our selection, the magnificent pair of hoop earrings enhanced by green onyx. We assure you that this piece will not go unnoticed! The fine Green Onyx stone was not chosen at random, it will neutralize negative influences to provide strength and self-confidence.

What if we opted for the pretty Joanne beetle ring in labradorite? Did you know that the scarab is a symbol of protection, a sign of luck and prosperity? The scarab also brings balance and harmony.

How can we not continue this selection without introducing our beloved Elsa range to you? ⁠This pretty range represents women and enhances them through its fine stone jewelry.⁠The range has three heart necklaces, three pairs of heart earrings and three heart rings in Mother-of-Pearl, Amazonite and Labradorite. It's up to you to choose the stone that suits you best and that will bring you the most benefits. ⁠

Finally, you can opt for the magnificent 925 silver bracelet from the Louise range. The shine of Amazonite is highlighted throughout this range and goes perfectly with silver. ⁠

Find all the jewelry from our “Grandmothers’ Day” selection on our e-shop as well as in our three stores .
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