La gamme Joanne

The Joanne range

What if you delved into the heart of antiquity with the new Joanne range?

The scarab, highlighted in this range, is a symbol of perseverance and faith, it allows you to overcome life's obstacles and always get something positive out of them.

Added to this, the exceptional virtues offered by the stones of amazonite, labradorite, green onyx, black onyx and moonstone.

Isn't this a perfect combo for wearing your favorite and symbolic jewelry, while enjoying its benefits?

Jewelry from the Joanne range

The fine scarab necklace

The fine scarab necklace with a unique look, in amazonite, green onyx, black onyx, labradorite and moonstone , is a discreet jewel in its shape, but which brings a touch of originality and color to your looks.

Blog - JOANNE range - Scarab necklace

Beetle rectangle necklace

The scarab rectangle necklace, in amazonite or labradorite , is more imposing in its shape, and knows how to stand out from your daytime outfits, as well as your evening outfits.

Blog - JOANNE range - Necklace

The beetle cuff

The scarab cuff is THE brand new model that will create a sensation on your wrist. Its amazonite and labradorite medallion can easily be combined with other jewelry, it's time to match all your favorite pieces!

Blog - JOANNE range - Beetle cuff

The scarab ring

The scarab ring, chic and original, is also a timeless item to have in your jewelry box! In amazonite or labradorite , you can choose the stone that suits you according to your tastes, your habits, or the virtues you need.

Blog - JOANNE range - Rings

Our collections are created in such a way that you can accumulate all the jewelry from the same range. You can then choose several pieces of jewelry from the Joanne range to adopt the total beetle look, or get creative and go for other pieces of jewelry that feature the same stone! In this case, you can use the “fine stones” filter on our website to directly find all the jewelry you are looking for.

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