La labradorite, une pierre de protection

Labradorite, a stone of protection

During this period, we try as much as possible to protect ourselves from the sun, the heat, and dehydration with all the means at our disposal. And that’s completely normal! It is difficult to live properly with these elements, especially when they all come together. But did you know that protection can also be psychological or mental ?

Daily protection

Throughout our lives, we are likely to be more or less exposed to more negative and/or more difficult events, people, and moments . To overcome them, we like to get closer to our family, our friends or, on the contrary, to be alone, with strangers. Everyone has their own way of getting through these stages of life . And even though they seem to last forever, they really only last for a while. A charge that deserves to be supported from a spiritual point of view , with a stone that has virtues for example.

Labradorite as a barrier

At L'Atelier des Dames, we have a fine stone that could give you a little boost in these moments: labradorite . Indeed, it is an excellent stone of protection and care, it forms a barrier against negative energies . Labradorite also develops self-confidence, stimulates the imagination and develops intuition. This regenerating stone energizes in cases of fatigue.

Labradorite offers you 4 things:

  • Attenuate negative waves and act like a shield ❌
  • Stimulate intuition 👁‍🗨
  • Regenerate physically and mentally following periods of fatigue ⚡
  • Improve circulation and digestion, alleviate sleep disorders 🔄

Blog - Labradorite, a stone of protection

In short, a complete stone that allows you to fight against the negative aspects that surround you and to combat fatigue in difficult times . This stone is renowned for its benefits which can be summed up in 3 words: protection , strength and intuition . Terms that can help you overcome many things when you carry the stone close to you.

As with amazonite , this stone is linked to several astrological signs:

  • Scorpio , aggressive in nature, this stone attenuates the negative waves that surround it.
  • Leo , often placed in positions of high responsibility, labradorite resources him in these moments of fatigue.
  • Sagittarius , he does not hesitate to express what he thinks, this stone allows him to bring a greater vision before speaking out.

A charming asset to your outfits

After listing all these qualities, you are surely saying to yourself that such a stone cannot be full of virtues and pretty. Well yes, think again! At first glance, labradorite appears to be gray in color, nothing more ordinary for a stone, but when you bring it closer to a light source, colored reflections appear. They oscillate between blue and purple for an intoxicating and elegant look.
Thanks to its beautiful reflections, labradorite mixes perfectly with other stones but it also knows how to stand out on its own with its own range. This year again, labradorite is making a splash in the form of earrings , rings , necklaces and bracelets .
A collection in winter and summer colors to please everyone. This is the perfect environment to once again inscribe labradorite on our golden pieces. It is rather discreet but it always brings a refined touch to jewelry as in the CELINE range . Composed of a pastel base, this range is made with strawberry quartz , chrysoprase and tourmaline . Stones with rather light colors which accommodate labradorite without too much difficulty. It also appears in small touches in the LOUISE range where it accompanies, this time, lapis lazuli and Dalmatian jasper . Finally, it is possible to find 100% labradorite pieces in the SACHA range . It offers jewelry with various looks with stones, bells, pearls for elegant jewelry to wear every day. And to complete your look, opt for simple and discreet pieces in the JOE and CATHY ranges.

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A protective stone, labradorite is perfect for your looks and your mind. She will be your best ally every day.

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