La sélection de Carla & Eve ❤️

Carla & Eve's selection ❤️

The wonderful Carla and Eve present their favorite pieces from the new spring/summer collection ☀️

Carla and Eve offer their favorite pieces from the new collection


The long daisy necklace 🌼

They are unanimous, they fell in love with the long daisy necklace from the EVE range. It's a trendy piece that smells of summer , sunshine and the sweetness of life . For the record, daisies are Eve's favorite flowers. They picked them in her parents' garden when she was little.
jewelry made in France
The long daisy necklace worn on a model
costume jewelry


The Heishi amethyst necklace 💜

Eve totally fell for the Heishi necklace from the ALBA range mixing three natural stones : amethyst, labradorite and chrysoprase. This necklace brings pep and color to the outfit. The solar look is yours!

The amethyst heishi necklace worn on Eve

The Heishi necklace in mother-of-pearl and amazonite 💙

Yes yes, Carla is also a fan of Heishi necklaces. For this collection, she set her sights on the Heishi necklace from the EVE range in mother-of-pearl and amazonite crunch beads . A duo that goes perfectly with all of Carla's outfits.
jewelry worn
Carla wears the mother-of-pearl and amazonite heishi necklace

The eye ring and the colorful grigri necklace 🌈

Eve is a big fan of colors and grigris . It was quite natural that she fell for the long grigri necklace from the CARLA range. This necklace adapts to all your desires while adding a touch of color with its pretty grigris and its fine stone bells .
grigris jewelry
Eye ring and colorful grigris necklace
Carla no longer goes out without her Dalmatian jasper eye ring from the BILLIE range. It is a chic , elegant and timeless piece of jewelry. An essential piece for your outfit!
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