La sĂ©lection de CĂ©line, Coralie et Margaux đŸ’«

The selection of CĂ©line, Coralie and Margaux đŸ’«

Today CĂ©line, Coralie and Margaux present their favorite pieces of the season to you!

Céline is our superb E-commerce manager. Originally from Vendée , at only 20 years old she is taking on a new challenge : moving 500 km from home in order to discover the South-West of France and join the Atelier des Dames team . All this determination has allowed her to become a real digital expert and she has been part of the team for three years.

Coralie is our sun at the Atelier . You have probably seen her in our stores in Hossegor and Biarritz since she advised you for more than a year in order to find the jewel created especially for you. This year is the big change for Coralie, she is joining us in the office and will join our digital team!


Margaux has been part of our crazy team for almost a year. Margaux is good humor , laughter and that's why we love her ! She is the one who advises you in our Bordeaux boutique so don't hesitate to go see her, she will be delighted to welcome you !

The beauty of daisy jewelry đŸŒŒ

Once again, our daisy jewelry gets noticed! CĂ©line totally fell for the long daisy necklace from the Eve range and Coralie opted for the bracelet . These are the pieces to wear with the return of the sun and good weather !

Amazonite combines perfectly with 925 silver

For her part, Margaux really fell in love with the Louise range in 925 Silver . Mainly for the heishi necklace and bracelet in amazonite and strawberry quartz . Amazonite , a stone of tenderness and calming, will bring you independence and well-being.

Jewelry in summer colors 🌈

We continue our selection with trendy and colorful jewelry . Margaux no longer goes out without her rubber bracelet from the Vanessa range . The bright color of her bracelet brings a touch of pep to her outfit. And CĂ©line opted for the grigri bracelet from the Alba range and the grigri earrings from the Carla range. The details provided by the grigris enhance your silhouette in an instant.


Timeless and elegant jewelry 💖⁠

Coralie finishes her selection by opting for timeless and elegant jewelry . The small Manon earrings are refined while the long double necklace brings color and sparkle to your silhouette.

Find the entire selection of CĂ©line, Coralie and Margaux on our e-shop and in our three stores!

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