La sélection de "Les perles de Brunette" ☀️

The selection of “Brunette’s pearls” ☀️

For a few weeks now, we have launched our Capsule Tropicale , a real range of textiles and accessories around the theme of the jungle, the tropics and travel.

The prints are available in ready-to-wear, beachwear, accessories and cosmetics in a harmony of energizing colors to celebrate the arrival of summer!

You haven't discovered it yet? no more time to waste! Take a look here to see all the pieces in the capsule and find your favorite ❤️

Welcome to Ibiza… Bienvenido à Ibiza

Blog - The Selection of brunette pearls

On the occasion of its launch , our team accompanied by several influencers met for several days in Ibiza . A stay during which they were able to take advantage of the paradise island to make us travel and dream with pretty photos from the collection!

Over the next few days, here on our blog, we will discover together each influencer, her world, her favorite of the season and finally, her selection for the trip !

This week, we are going on a Tropical Stopover to meet Les Perles de Brunette , our young feminine and manual worker with a big heart!

What she loves most about fashion is creating, advising and proposing combinations of colors, pieces and materials for different occasions and different people. Listening and caring with his community, you can discover and be inspired by his world on his Instagram page.

So are you curious to know the pieces she took with her for her stay on the island with the L'Atelier des Dames team ? Take out the notebook, here is a summary of its selection!

The tropical capsule, colorful pieces with fantastic animals!

As for the tropical capsule, we can say that the choice was quickly made!

Brunette pearls are a woman full of life, who loves colors, fashion, bingo for our new textile and accessories collection! To give life to her most beautiful summer outfits, she opted for the long-sleeved shirt , the swimsuit and the yellow scarf for which she imagined different positions.

Then for her beach days, which she enjoys from time to time with her friends, she chose the large fruit tote bag , the beach towel and finally, the glitter oil .

With this selection, Les pearls de brunette is ready for the season, ahead of the tropical stopover!

Jewelry, the best way to dress up your outfits!

What's better than mixing your Tropical look with pretty jewelry?

Her name comes above all from her first creations, the jewelry that she made and which she shared on social networks to find out the opinion of her community.

Today she wanted to keep her name and it must be said that when it comes to jewelry, she knows her stuff.

Among its selection, there are numerous jewels, all different from each other so that you can combine them with your favorite looks. We start with the necklace and the grigri gum bracelet from the Margaux range , two real pieces of happiness.

Color, beach-themed charms, enough to take us straight to a beautiful summer day.

We continue on the necklaces with the multi-stone necklace from the Carla range , which she combines with all her outfits of the season thanks to a varied color palette.

Now for her favorite stone, Amazonite, which she has adopted in several models.

The big flower cuff and its ring for a total look, the cameo stone cuff from the Paloma range, as well as the rubber bracelet from the Vanessa range to dress your wrists all year round!

As for necklaces, she found what she was looking for in the Joe range, the Moonstone beaded necklace for her discreet outfits, and the green and multico Onyx stone chain necklace to bring out her personality!

You now know the entire selection of our first influencer, Goldie Blondie! If you want to shop one or more pieces from the selection and find your favorite!

L'Atelier des Dames is a brand of handmade jewelry in our creation workshop based in Hossegor. We imagine and create 2 jewelry collections per year, made in gilded brass and with fine stones. Designer jewelry to enhance your style.

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Blog - L'Atelier des Dames

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