La sĂ©lection de coups de cƓur

The selection of Manon, Elsa, Caroline and Quitterie 😍

Today it's the turn of Manon, Elsa, Caroline and Quitterie to present to you their favorite pieces of the season!

Manon, Elsa, Caroline and Quitterie selection


Heishi: the accessory adopted by everyone!

Whether worn on the wrist or around the neck, all have been conquered by the heishi. Manon and Caroline opted for the mother-of-pearl heishi necklace from the EVE range . Caroline also liked the amazonite heishi crunch necklace . Elsa, for her part, was seduced by the Alba range with the strawberry quartz heishi necklace and the amethyst heishi bracelet . As for Quitterie, her favorite is the heishi chrysoprase necklace from the BILLIE range, but also the double Dalmatian jasper bracelet.

Strawberry quartz heishi necklace - ALBAMother-of-pearl heishi necklace - EVEHeishi chrysoprase necklace - BILLIE


The scarab: a jewel that does not disappoint!

Caroline and Quitterie simply can't do without the scarab necklace . This piece of jewelry has become their real favorite. Caroline has set her sights on the amazonite scarab necklace, while Quitterie has a preference for the moonstone one. With their symbolism and timeless elegance, these scarab necklaces add a touch of mystery and beauty to all their outfits.

Amazonite scarab necklace Moonstone scarab necklace


The delicacy of the EVE range

Manon and Elsa were won over by the EVE range and both fell in love with the mother-of- pearl shell hoop earrings. These jewels evoke the beauty of the sea and add a bohemian and elegant touch to their outfits. In addition, Manon also fell for the three-row daisy necklace , which brings a note of freshness and delicacy to her looks.

Three row daisy necklace - EVE
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