Corail - Nouvelle pierre fine

Coral arrives at the workshop and offers a flamboyant look 😍

We promised you new stones , promised and due. You've probably noticed that our new jewelry collection was recently put online. You will find new colors , new shapes , new stones but also new surprises . We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy sharing all of this with you. Our Nouvelle-co has been worked on and thought about in our workshop in Hossegor . As always, we wanted to work with stones rich in virtues and this year again, we wanted colors . The ocean being a source of strength and creativity for us, we wanted to pay homage to it by adding Coral to our collections.⁠

Coral, a stone of protection

Both animal and plant, Coral has many protective virtues . This stone is considered an amulet against the evil eye and can serve as a real energy shield against negative waves. Do not hesitate to adopt this stone from a young age, in fact according to many legends, the comforting aspect of the stone would protect children during their adventures as well as in their daily life. Coral is also beneficial from an emotional point of view. It strengthens intuition and imagination and allows you to move forward by gaining self - confidence . It also helps to streamline the circulation of different energies in the body, so that the mental state always remains well balanced .

As you have surely understood, this stone offers a multitude of virtues to its owner. In addition, it is linked to certain signs of the zodiac :

This is the case for Aries , where coral will allow him to move forward with confidence in his projects and will protect him from negative waves.

Pisces , who feel everything with astonishing intensity, adopt Coral in order to obtain calm, comfort and relaxation on a daily basis.

Scorpios , ambitious by nature, take advantage of this stone to gain courage and this increases their determination tenfold.

Its flamboyant color will embellish your outfits

The radiant and luminous color that Coral brings will give energy to your winter outfits.⁠ In the workshop we have worked this stone on several of our jewelry and in particular within our FRIDA range .

You can find our essential Bi-material Necklace that you love so much!

Its radiant red illuminates your style and brings care and finesse to your look. On this pretty necklace with multiple possibilities, Coral has joined Black Onyx and Amazonite to highlight your neck thanks to its flamboyant red medallion. ⁠With this centerpiece it is impossible for you not to go unnoticed.

I also have a big crush on the Heishi Coral necklace which will stack perfectly with necklaces of all sizes.

Here is a selection of jewelry that you can wear alongside the heishi:

Opt for one or two heishis, a grigri necklace and a long necklace and that’s it.

Personally, I love the mix of coral and amazonite . This combination rich in virtues will offer you balance and good mood every day. Our FRIDA range mainly offers jewelry showcasing this mixture of fine stones.

Here is a selection:

A stone of protection, Coral will bring a touch of pep to your looks and will bring you many benefits on a daily basis.

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