L'Artisanat est au cƓur de notre mĂ©tier

French craftsmanship at the heart of our profession đŸ‡«đŸ‡·

As you now know, craftsmanship is one of the strong values ​​of Atelier des Dames. Our jewelry is created and manufactured in our workshop in Hossegor , to guarantee you the most beautiful materials and the best expertise . It is very important for us to provide you with quality jewelry, so we always continue to manufacture our jewelry in our stores and our French workshop. We work with 140 resellers in France , we surround ourselves with as many local partners as possible: French gilders, chains from French houses, etc. This is very important to us since French craftsmanship is at the heart of our business .

At the Workshop, we carry out the entire research and innovation part. We spend many hours imagining and questioning ourselves to design jewelry, bags and accessories so that they are of the best possible quality.

It hasn't been easy so far to find our place in a world where brands are born every day, but we have always believed in our values ! Our will led us to open doors, reinvent ourselves, unite around us, take risks, try, make mistakes, try again, succeed and in fact that is still what is happening today.

We trust our team and we are particularly proud of what they accomplish. Our talented Flora created the patterns for our textile collections and we are a fan of the result! Starting from a sketch, Flora let her imagination speak and created the pattern of the capsule according to her inspirations . To tell you the truth, it was months of reflection, testing, discussion, creation and questioning to arrive at this capsule! We tell you more here 😊

This is what we like to do, working together to offer you a collection that suits us and that you like since customer satisfaction is essential for us. Very responsive customer service ready to answer all your questions, fast delivery and proximity to our customers , these are our main objectives.

At the Workshop, we prefer to produce in a fair, reasoned manner and without over-stocking . Our prices are fair all year round. It is unthinkable for us to overproduce to drive prices down and then have to sell off or destroy the waste of overproduction. This fair price results from the beauty of the materials used and the quality of our products.

We thank you once again for contributing to the development of the Workshop, it is thanks to you that all these beautiful things are accomplished so Thank you ❀

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