Les colliers ASTRO sont de retour !

ASTRO necklaces are back!

What does your horoscope say today ?

Astrology takes over the jewelry from L'Atelier des Dames and offers you a magnificent collection with a mystical allure! Your astrological sign reflects your personality like the stones associated with it. So quickly discover our new Astro collection and show the world who you are.⁠

A necklace putting women in the spotlight

This new range includes pretty necklaces in keeping with our brand and which accompanies you every day. Jewelry which, beyond astrology, puts each woman in the spotlight and enhances their personality and uniqueness . And what better way to represent them than to design and make our necklaces in our French workshop ?

Indeed, the 12 signs of the zodiac were designed, drawn by our "in-house" artist Flora and engraved in our workshop on our gold-plated medallions . These pretty, unique designs have allowed us to share lovely, varied content that presents our jewelry in several forms.

Bring out your personality with a look that is 100% yours

Aries : A dynamic and go-getter sign, Aries is impulsive and daring. A natural leader, he is full of energy and good humor. He can sometimes be a victim of his haste but will always learn from his mistakes. Tourmaline will allow him to move forward with confidence in his projects, while dyed ruby ​​will strengthen his vitality.

Taurus : Cartesian and logical, Taurus is faithful, honest and sensitive. His methodical side pushes him to analyze everything to stay in control. He will be encouraged by carnelian which will bring him vitality and energy. Strawberry quartz will encourage more lightness and humor.

Gemini : Very comfortable in society and with words, Gemini brings lightness and good humor to those around them. Curious and creative, they are interested in everything! Chrysoprase will support them in their openness to others by channeling positive feelings. Pink chalcedony will bring out their kindness and empathy.

Cancer : Very affectionate and sensitive, Cancer is an idealist who finds happiness in his daydreams, his little inner world. Pink opal will stimulate his intuition and highlight the sweetness and tenderness that characterize him. Her insecurities and anxieties will be soothed by mother-of-pearl.

Leo : A colorful sign of character, Leo has this solar energy that pushes him to the forefront. A stone of strength and vigor, green onyx will support one's great ambitions. The ruby ​​will develop its will, its generosity and its passionate side.

Virgo : Meticulous, organized and far-sighted, Virgo likes to be reassured. Her attention to detail and her sensitivity make her a discreet and effective ally. The gentle and benevolent moonstone will soothe this sometimes anxious sign. Amethyst will motivate her and encourage her to listen to her intuition.

Libra : Reassuring and encouraging, Libra likes to reconcile and arbitrate to avoid conflicts. The pyrite will help it organize itself and give it stability. Very affectionate, the sign of Libra needs to be surrounded. Bonds of attachment will be strengthened by strawberry quartz which will encourage love of oneself and others.

Scorpio : Rather secretive and distant at first, Scorpio will reveal a sensitive and whole personality once its shell falls. He keeps his emotions buried, and when they come out in the open, it's explosive! Labradorite will protect him from the betrayals he hates. His determination and mental strength will be increased tenfold by carnelian.

Sagittarius : Optimistic and independent by nature, Sagittarius likes to take charge of operations. His attraction to novelty and discoveries makes him someone spontaneous. Black onyx will support him in achieving his goals. His raw sincerity will be softened by the amazonite which will also awaken his joy of living.

Capricorn : Reserved and secretive, Capricorn will only reveal his heart of gold once he is confident. His calm temperament and his need for serenity will be reassured by moonstone. Honest, voluntary and reliable, he has great organizational skills. Green onyx will bring him concentration and help him to surpass himself.

Aquarius : The native of the sign of Aquarius loves his independence and his freedom. Original, dynamic and easy-going, it shakes the timid into a good mood. Amazonite will strengthen your joy of life and your optimism. Lapis lazuli will stimulate his intellectual faculties and his imagination.

Pisces : Endowed with developed emotional intelligence, Pisces feel everything with astonishing intensity. Lapis lazuli will help them free themselves from stress and anxiety to reveal their sensitivity. This sign full of kindness and indulgence will be comforted by amazonite, a stone of tenderness and love.

The creation of a necklace rich in virtues

Our gold-plated Astro necklaces are made up of a fine chain gilded with fine gold , a medallion engraved with your zodiac sign, a small fine stone bell as well as the favorite stone of each sign . It was essential for us to associate your astrological sign with the stone that would bring you the most benefits . We therefore used stones such as moonstone, mother-of-pearl, green onyx and worked with new ones such as pyrite, amethyst, or pink opal. Each stone will bring you the virtue it offers such as confidence or stability .

We wanted to present our gold-plated necklaces to you in pretty boxes bearing the image of astrological signs. These softly colored boxes were designed for the occasion. You will also find an explanatory card linked to your sign which will teach you more about the virtues of the stone offered to you. ⁠

We have created a discreet necklace so that it can accompany you every day, it goes with all looks. It will fit perfectly into your collection of necklaces or will discreetly adorn your neck if it is alone.⁠

Don't hesitate to add colors to your wrists, hands or ears to match your fine stone bell . ⁠It has the chance to be modular , you can choose to wear the necklace with or without the stone thanks to its clasp.

For you or to give a gift to a loved one, it's a nice personalized attention that will please any occasion! If you have any doubts about your astrological sign, it's super simple! You just need to know their date of birth and take a look at our guide.

You can find all our Astro jewelry on our website as well as in our three stores!

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