Les difficultés rencontrées dans notre parcours de femmes entrepreneuses

The difficulties encountered in our journey as women entrepreneurs

15 years of the history of L'atelier des Dames is first of all 15 years of our history , that of our team , of meetings that accelerated things, of projects that were born through a conversation and it’s above all 15 years of entrepreneurship

Behind creation, communication, design, manufacturing, there is above all a lot of management, strategy, administration, sales, sales, sourcing, planning, in short all the aspects which may seem less glamorous at first glance. at first glance but which are nevertheless so much part of the life of a brand and which are often at the origin of its sustainability.

It is clear that we have been very lucky during our journey but we must also have had a huge dose of determination during these 15 years to face all the obstacles that stand in the way of a brand. The first secret, and not the least, is the duo that we form, always ready to each take over from the other when doubt rears its head, always ready to move forward by sharing the same vision of this project. Being two has always been a great strength when we know the disappointments we can have to experience... We have happened to believe the words of "partners" who made us manufacture thousands of pieces without ever honoring their order, to rushing to the offices of major Parisian brands for collaborations that never saw the light of day, and even losing one of the first packages of raw materials with more than 10,000 euros worth of merchandise...

Let's not even talk about the administrative twists and turns of setting up a banking file or opening a store! In any case, in all these stages , as in happier times, we have always been able to count on the strength and enthusiasm of one or the other and on the support of our entire team ! Tenacity is easier in pairs, motivation, desire, energy, and everything else too.

15 years later, we are both ready to re-sign for 15 more years of duo , projects , new things and even if necessary hard knocks !

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