Les rituels de Nouvelle Lune & Pleine Lune

New Moon & Full Moon rituals

The lunar phases are like unmissable cosmic events for lovers of magic and spirituality . The New Moon and Full Moon are special times when we can connect with the universe, manifest our desires, and let go of what no longer serves us. But why not add a touch of fun to these rituals ? Prepare to dive into the world of lunar rituals with a touch of lightness 🌚

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The New Moon: Time to sow seeds of magic

The New Moon is like a blank canvas, ready to be painted with your desires and intentions . This is the ideal time to lay the foundations of your projects: we plan, we detail our dreams, our ideas and we develop strategies to get there.

  • Create a “To Do” List: Write down your intentions for the New Moon in the form of tasks to accomplish. For example, “Task #1: Ask my boss for a raise.” Then, visualize yourself “checking off” these tasks as your desires arise.

  • Dance Under the Moon: Why not create your own New Moon dance ritual? Put on "You're The One That I Want" and dance under the stars while visualizing your dreams come true. It's a fun way to connect with the energy of the New Moon.

The Full Moon: Time to let go in style

The Full Moon is the time of realization , of celebration , but also of letting go. Here's how to make this ritual more fun and light.

  • Release Ceremony: Write what you want to let go of on a small piece of paper, tie it to a balloon, and watch it fly to the Moon. You can even add a little message like “Goodbye, stress of the week!”

  • Full Moon Bonfire: Gather your friends and have a bonfire to symbolize the purification of your energies. You can throw papers symbolizing what you want to let go, or even lists of your exes (but remember to do it safely!).

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Fun and cosmic madness

  • Create a mantra: Invent a mantra that motivates you, but with a touch of fun. Repeat it every morning to give yourself a little boost of energy.

  • Girls' Night Out: Why not organize a girls' night out? Invite your friends, put on glitter and draw oracle or tarot cards. Dance, eat and celebrate under the light of the Full Moon.

The lunar phases are the perfect opportunity to connect with the universe in a fun way. So, have fun with these moon rituals and tap into the cosmic energy to create the life you desire. After all, who said spirituality always had to be serious? 🌝

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