Les traditions de Noël au sein de la Team ADD

Christmas traditions within Team ADD

Unique moments full of warmth Christmas , this time of year which evokes sharing , and of course, family traditions . Within Team ADD, each member brings their personal touch to this magical celebration. Let's discover the Christmas rituals of certain members of our team, unique moments rich in emotions .

Quitterie: A fun and surprising Christmas lottery 🥳

Every year, Quitterie's mother organizes a memorable Christmas lottery . The prizes, each one more fun than the last, add a dose of madness to this tradition. An original way to celebrate the festivities, where surprise and good humor await you.

Flora: Family wishes, full of emotions 💌

Flora, our Polish member, celebrates Christmas by exchanging greetings with family . A tradition imbued with tenderness , where beautiful words and declarations filled with emotion create a warm and intimate atmosphere.

Elsa L: Christmas, a time of simple family fun 🥰

For Elsa L, Christmas is synonymous with simple pleasures with family. Eating, drinking in moderation, and opening gifts without fuss are the key elements of this celebration. A relaxed approach to fully enjoy the present moment.

Coralie: Opening gifts, a matter of culinary art 🍽️

Coralie has her own thoughtful way of opening gifts on the evening of the 24th. A gift for the aperitif, another for the main course, and the last for dessert. A clever tip that allows you to space out meals and savor each moment . On the 25th, a Christmas brunch, decorated with a special brioche and a clementine, closes the festivities in style.

Elsa M: Sand roses and double celebration 🍫

Elsa M has a very delicious tradition for Christmas. She prepares chocolate sand roses, a sweet treat that adds a festive touch. In addition, she blows out a candle on December 25, because for her, Christmas is not only Christmas Day, but also her birthday .

Eve: Miles to visit the whole family 🚘

Eve, with her family scattered all over France, drives hours between the 24th and 25th to see all her loved ones. A journey which testifies to the importance of the family bond and which particularly delights the oldest members of the family.

Jane: Christmas in two acts 🩷

Jane has a two-part celebration . On the evening of the 24th, it was Christmas with the whole family on his mother's side, bringing together more than 20 people. On the morning of the 25th, she opened the gifts and shared a meal with her father's family. A way to take full advantage of both branches of your family .

Together , these traditions form a unique mosaic , representative of the diversity and richness of Christmas experiences within the Atelier des Dames Team . Everyone makes their contribution to create unforgettable memories and perpetuate the festive spirit of this magical time . May these traditions inspire and warm your own Christmas celebrations this year!

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