On Ă©crit Ă  la Caroline et Ă  la Quitterie d'il y a 15 ans 💌

We write to Caroline and the Quitterie from 15 years ago 💌

Caroline and Quitterie

58, Place Louis Pasteur

40150 Soorts-Hossegor

Hossegor, 2008

“Dear Caroline and Quitterie,

You have just made a big decision by embarking on this project and I would first of all like to tell you that you made the right choice even if you still doubt it a little, perhaps it is fear, or... the adrenaline that shakes you up but you will see, everything will fall into place little by little.

It is true that not everyone is jumping for joy at the announcement of this decision, but listen to all those, and there are many, who urge you to move forward and try, and do not listen to those who are afraid for YOU.

Move forward, think, try, question yourself, work, don't give up, you will see, little by little, things will seem more and more clear...

Just one piece of advice; always be yourself! You have chosen to trace your path so do not try to follow in someone else's footsteps, always be in agreement with your values ​​and your desires, even if others go faster, higher by doing otherwise. You don't have to dream of the same things as everyone else.

And above all know that you will make a lot of mistakes, you will often have the impression that you could have done better, faster, more efficient but take responsibility for what you are and what you do, the choices you make and you will see, together the road will be long and full of fulfillment!

Be kind to yourself and to others, don't forget that true success is also in family, friends, loves, passions, discoveries, travels... Leave enough room in your lives for all that, this is what will also allow you to nourish your desire for creation and projects.

Come on, kisses girls!

Someone who knows you a little better than you know yourself."

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