Nos Best-Sellers ❤️‍🔥

Our Best-Sellers ❤️‍🔥

Did you know that a new collection was recently launched? If you've ever wondered what the bestsellers in this collection were, we have good news for you. After carrying out a little investigation, we are happy to share them with you 😄. We are convinced that one of these jewels will seduce you ❤️‍🔥, if this is not already the case.

The unbeatable heishi 👑

Certainly at the Atelier or with you, a heishi necklace never disappoints, because I admit, myself as I write, I am wearing the strawberry quartz one from the Alba Range .

Our vast selection of heishi offers you a multitude of choices in terms of fine stones, shapes, colors and virtues, allowing you to find the perfect jewel for you.

Some have stood out and still remain at the top of the podium with you.

The competition is tough, but here are the top 3 heishi necklaces that have charmed you:


Heishi necklace - Alba Range - L'Atelier des Dames - Amethyst Heishi necklace - Charlotte Range - L'Atelier des Dames - Apatite Heishi necklace - Billie range - L'Atelier des Dames - Mother-of-pearl

Amethyst : calming and protective stone, promoting intuition and spirituality, and can help relieve anxiety, stress and headaches.

Apatite : stimulating stone which strengthens creativity, intellect and self-confidence, while being beneficial for health.

Mother-of-pearl : stone of protection and emotional healing, favoring inner peace, serenity and creativity.

Your favorite creoles 😍

L' Atelier des Dames offers you a wide variety of hoop earrings to meet all your tastes and needs. Whether you want discreet or bold, colorful or neutral hoop earrings, we have a selection of hoop earrings that will please you.

You have favorites that have not gone unnoticed by our dear Elsa, who prepares all your orders.

I'll let you recognize yourself through these 3 magnificent hoop earrings right here 👇:


Grigri Alba hoop earrings - Chrysoprase - L'Atelier des Dames Small pearl hoop earrings - MANON range - L'Atelier des Dames Grigri hoop earrings - CHARLOTTE range - L'Atelier des Dames

The unique, the essential, The beetle 🪲

It goes without saying that talking about bestsellers without mentioning our beetle jewelry would be unthinkable. These jewels are our favorites, whether as a necklace, cuff or ring, we love them 😍. The only difference that divides us is the choice of stone.

At the workshop, we have a particular affection for moonstone and amazonite , not only for their refreshing colors, but also for their beneficial virtues 👇:

Moonstone : soothing stone that promotes intuition and stimulates imagination and creativity.

Amazonite : comforting stone that helps overcome stress and eliminate bad vibes.

Scarab necklace - Moonstone - L'Atelier des Dames Silhouette EVE 23SS - L'Atelier des Dames
Silhouette JOANNE 23SS - L'Atelier des Dames Scarab ring - L'Atelier des Dames - Fine stones

The favorite range is... 🥁

You have made your choice, for this new spring summer 2023 collection, the range that most fell for is the Alba range , and I understand you. This range is the perfect marriage of amethyst , labradorite and chrysoprase , with equally stunning strawberry quartz jewelry.

The bright colors and fine stones of this range offer a multitude of benefits that give you the energy you need.

Don't forget, at l'Atelier des Dames, the choice of jewelry is not a coincidence, trust your intuition 🥰.


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