Nos inspirations pour la Nouvelle Collection ✨⁠

Our inspirations for the New Collection ✨⁠

15 years of charms , amulets , talismans which establish our desire to always be a lucky charm which adorns you, gives you confidence and which you can choose according to the virtues of lithotherapy, symbols of luck and fortune or colors that light you up.

This new collection is the logical continuation of our desire to share with you this circle of modern “sisters” whose beliefs, whether founded or superstitions, have as much value in our eyes. We all have a number , a letter , a color , a symbol to which we attribute a little power , at least that of feeling full of self-confidence !

It is our daily philosophy to strengthen kindness , solidarity , the appreciation of women and their creativity both among ourselves and among those we adorn with jewelry. Everyone is therefore free and encouraged to become the creator of their talisman, their accumulation of jewelry, their daily charms so that the jewelry also serves as an affirmation of themselves and their desires .

In this collection, we wanted to share with you our favorite stones , such as chrysocolla, stone of harmony, chrysoprase, stone of renewal, aquaterra jasper, protection against negative influences, and our favorite symbols , the beetle, the star, the bee, the heart, the flower…

All you have to do is appropriate all these colors and fetishes for silhouettes that only you will have the secret to and which will make you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself this season.

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