Blog - Nos Jeux Concours du mois d'Août

Our competitions for the month of August

With each new collection, we try to best meet your expectations and desires with pretty fine stone jewelry . Thin or thick, colorful or sober, multi-row or simple, a wide choice so you can find the jewel of your dreams , the one that will reveal you. But we also try to surprise you with new products like the Escale Tropicale capsule or competitions during major periods.

Blog - August Competitions

A big thank-you …

More and more of you are following us every day on Instagram , Facebook and Pinterest . And we thank you ! We receive a lot of messages about our stores, our team and of course our jewelry. They motivate us to give you even more. This is why, this year again, we have renewed partnerships with new brands and influencers to offer you superb competitions .

You had the opportunity to discover 3 competitions during the month of August . Two of them were initiated by major brands and the last by an influencer , full of good humor and charm. Each one allowed you to win gift cards worth €100 valid in our stores or on our e-shop. Enough to have fun just by participating in these competitions on one of the two accounts.

…to our partners…

Collaborations that allowed each community to meet and discover new brands and profiles . These shared posts were brought to you by 3 partner accounts :

  • Cdiscount Voyages wanted to highlight artisanal and local brands in different areas including jewelry. You may have known our brand by then.
  • Zakadit is an artist and influencer known for his joie de vivre, his contagious laughter and his dance videos. He fell for our Escale Tropical capsule and our Jane satchel bag before collaborating with us on fine stone jewelry. He emphasized gender-neutral fashion .
  • For the last competition of the month of August, the Laboratoires de Biarritz have played the game by also offering 2 gift cards valid on their site. 4 gift cards, 4 times more chance of winning.


    The competitions are an opportunity for you to discover new accounts but also to discover us (and we are delighted to have you among us!). Meetings that made people happy during this summer month.

    With a gift card as a prize, winners can now treat themselves by choosing favorite products, new products or dare new colors and new models. This card is a direct pass to a selection of colorful and varied products . An opportunity to treat yourself by treating yourself to a pretty set to wear for all special occasions or one of our pretty bags for your daily outings.

    A busy schedule to spoil you all summer long. I don't know if you are subscribed to our newsletter , but if not, several surprises have slipped in. Already, when you register, you receive a 10% reduction on your next order (and that's great). Then, we made exceptional offers :

    • A reduction of €10 on your order for 48 hours. A flash offer to say a big thank you for following us on our adventures and to benefit from a gift valid for everyone.
    • And an immediate 30% discount on all products in our Escale Tropicale capsule . It is still valid on our site and in our stores.

    If you missed this, it's not too late. You can always subscribe on our home page to follow our news and our exclusive offers.

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