Notre guide pour purifier vos pierres naturelles et vos bijoux 🌞

Our guide to purifying your natural stones and jewelry 🌞

Hello to all lovers of natural stones and sparkling jewelry ! Today, we are embarking on an intoxicating journey to restore our fine stones and stone jewelry to their dazzling energy through purification.

A state of mind

Before diving into the world of stone cleansing, make sure to surround yourself with a positive aura. The right energy and intention you put into this process is as essential as the purification itself. So, take a deep breath and let this positive energy guide you! 🌟

  • A water bath for optimal purification

Let's start with the classic: clear water. It's like an invigorating shower for our precious stones. But be careful, not all stones like water! Some, like Pyrite or Labradorite , prefer to stay dry. For others, a quick bath in clear water will help them get rid of negative energies 💧

  • The Moon & the Sun

What could be better than sun and moon baths for our dear crystals? Gently expose them to natural sunlight to recharge with good energy. For those who are not too friendly with the sun, a night under the benevolent glow of the moon will be enough to restore their shine. Take advantage of lunar energies during the New Moon & Full Moon phases 🌚

  • Mother Earth: returning to the origins

A little getaway in the land? Yes, you heard right ! Bury your stones in the ground for a while. It's like sending them on vacation to the countryside to reconnect with their source. They will come out recharged and full of vitality 🌳

  • Salt to evacuate negative waves

A sea salt bath, what do you think? Add a pinch of salt to lukewarm water, immerse your natural stones in it and let them relax. Salt has this super power to dislodge all the accumulated negative energies and leave your jewels shiny and ready to shine ✨

  • Fumigation

A little fumigation to eliminate the remaining negative energies on all your natural stone nuggets. We recommend white sage, and you can also use a Palo Santo stick or incense. Choose your preference and enjoy their wonderful smells! 🍃

Take care of it!

To maintain the shine of your stones, avoid exposing them to chemical substances such as perfumes or cleaning products. And for light-sensitive stones, avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. They need their zen space and their tranquility!

There you are, you now have in your hands all the secrets to purifying your natural stones and your stone jewelry. Have fun doing it! Let yourself be guided by the positive energy and natural magic of your precious crystals. So, are you ready to reveal your shine? 💜

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