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We celebrate love at the Atelier ❤️

February 14th is fast approaching...

Well yes, only a few days left before we see very cute couples celebrating their love ... I agree, Valentine's Day is often associated with this cliché, but for me it's not just that ! For me, it's the celebration of love in itself, the love you give to your partner on a daily basis, but also the love you give to your loved ones, your friends, your family and especially to yourself. . So, to you, single or not, take the opportunity to celebrate all these moments of love that you are lucky enough to experience every day . Because yes, love is at the center of everything you do , and you need it for your own development. At the workshop, you know how important it is for us to celebrate women every day . Our main goal is to create quality jewelry and accessories to help women shine , highlight their personality and assert their style . So you can imagine that it is essential for us that you learn to love yourself .

This is why we love this party ❤️

Minimalist and romantic jewelry

We have therefore created a lovely selection of jewelry in honor of Valentine's Day . What better way to start the selection than to offer you heart symbol jewelry?

It’s timely because this year, the heart is more present than ever in our new collection. We have also dedicated one of our ranges to her which bears the name Elsa, a range in the image of our two wonderful Elsas that we take pleasure in seeing at the Atelier. This pretty Elsa range offers you a romantic set in Mother-of-Pearl, Amazonite and Labradorite.

Amazonite , a soothing stone, will bring you independence and well-being. It is a stone of comfort that helps overcome stress and nervousness.

If you opt for Mother of Pearl , it will act as a powerful mood regulator. This stone will soothe your anxieties, your fears and attract positive vibes.

Labradorite is an excellent stone of protection, care and forms a barrier against negative energies. Labradorite also develops self-confidence, stimulates the imagination and develops intuition. This regenerating stone energizes in cases of fatigue.

Basic pieces, which will adapt to your most beautiful looks.

Chrysocolla, a symbol of love and harmony

In our selection, we also add our dear and tender jewelry from the Charlotte range . Composed mainly of Chrysocolla , this range will capsize your hearts. A symbol of love and harmony, Chrysocolla promotes well-being and helps to let go. This stone encourages dialogue, forgiveness and dissipates conflicts. It is therefore the ideal stone to move forward with complete peace of mind.

You can even opt for a Chrysocolla heart symbol necklace , our long heart necklace from the Charlotte range can be worn at the desired length. Its long mesh chain will highlight your neck and it will be your best ally to create your accumulation.

In our Charlotte range, you can also find our bi-material necklace that we love so much. With its rectangular mesh chain, its fine stones and its drop medallion, this necklace leaves room for your creativity. You can choose to close the necklace with a medallion or to keep the chain alone.

A 100% Silver set more romantic than ever

You can also fall for our 100% Silver set ! This set, more romantic than ever, was made in 925 Silver. Timeless jewelry, which will adapt to all your looks. Its simplicity brings elegance and these pieces can be real details that make the difference to your look.

You can find our selection of Valentine’s Day jewelry on our website as well as in our three stores!

Valentine's Day Selection
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