On fait le plein de nouveautés pour la rentrée !

We're stocking up on new things for the start of the school year!

And no, you're not dreaming ! It's back to school !
Back to school means the perfect opportunity to reinvent yourself and take care of yourself .
What's better than a touch of sparkle to start the school year in style? With our trendy and colorful jewelry, we assure you that you will not go unnoticed!

Unique jewelry to let your creativity speak 😍⁠

Unleash your creativity by creating your own unique piece of jewelry with our GRIGRI range ! Start by choosing your base from our necklaces, bracelets or hoop earrings.

Then, give free rein to your intuition by selecting your favorite charms from the themes we offer to personalize your jewelry and make it as unique as you are.

Explore our wide selection of charms from the GRIGRI range and find the ones that inspire you the most. Whether you're looking for spiritual symbols , lucky medallions , or vibrant natural stones , we have everything you need to create jewelry that tells your story .

Flamboyant jewelry with which you will not go unnoticed 🤩

As you know, at the Atelier our minion sin is the strong pieces that know how to get noticed! We like to see you shine brightly, that's why we play on accumulations and offer you colorful jewelry .

Opt for our detachable multi-row necklaces! THE modular necklace returns this season with new stones and new chain styles for an ultra chic piece of jewelry. It's up to you to choose the jewelry that suits you best. The modular necklace from the ELSA range opts for Azurite , chrysoprase , mother-of-pearl, chrysocolla, Dalmatian jasper and amazonite . A perfect mix for a rich color result! You can also opt for one from the CORALIE range which opts for black onyx , chrysocolla and amazonite .

Fine stone jewelry to bring you joy and balance 💗✨

Start this new year by integrating our fine stone jewelry into your looks. Whether you choose them for their colors , patterns or unique reflections , they will add a touch of sparkle to any jewelry. Each stone is distinguished by its roughness , its inclusions , its clarity and the richness of its tones . The jewelry you choose contains one or more stones that will bring you the energy that best suits you. New this year, we offer you rhodonite andaquaterra jasper jewelry!

Rhodonite will help resolve conflicts and release all buried anger. Its soothing properties will allow you to let go to develop self-confidence and open-mindedness .

For its part, aquaterra jasper reassures and protects. It is an excellent ally for regaining the determination , mental strength and confidence that will allow you to achieve new goals .

Find all our jewelry on our website and in our three stores!
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