15 ans de l'Atelier des Dames

We're celebrating our 15th anniversary at the Atelier!

You heard right, today is a very special day at the Workshop. We're celebrating the brand's 15th anniversary and get ready because we want to celebrate with you all year round.

Our birthday date was not chosen at random, in fact, we couldn't see ourselves launching the festivities on any other day than this one. On this beautiful day, dedicated to women and their rights.

As you probably know, femininity is at the heart of our brand. At Atelier des Dames, we have always been keen to celebrate women and their riches, both in our creations and within our team. Each piece of jewelry is created to enhance you every day and make you even more beautiful and radiant. We want to empower women around the world and redefine beauty standards.

We retrace with you our history and all the things that have seen the light of day in 15 years:

2008; The ladies' workshop was born

You may be wondering who is behind the Atelier des dames, well, it's us, Caroline and Quitterie, passionate about female entrepreneurship, fashion, jewelry and all things girly! 15 years ago now, we discovered an unusual material which pushed us to create the first piece of jewelry...L'Atelier des Dames was born (with 2 ladies...)

It hasn't been easy so far to find our place in a world where brands are born every day, but we have always believed in our values ​​and our will has led us to open doors, reinvent ourselves, unite around us, taking risks, trying, making mistakes, trying again, succeeding and in fact that's still what happens today.

So we've been doing what we love for 15 years, hoping that you like it as much as we do.

Caroline and Quitterie

2013; A first store in Hossegor and a team is born

In 2013, we we are launching a new challenge, that of developing with the brand. After having held numerous trade fairs and markets, we are opening our first store in Hossegor! The duo has grown, it was time to bring a few more Ladies on board in this crazy adventure.

2014 and 2016; The opening of two new stores

In 2014, we opened a store in Bordeaux and in 2016 we embarked on another adventure: the opening of a third store in Biarritz. The team is growing again and our stores allow us to meet you and pamper our relationship with you to satisfy you as much as possible. We now take pleasure in advising you in store and helping you find the jewelry that suits you.

2020; a game-changing year

The year 2020 was a real turning point for Atelier des Dames. This year, both trying with the pandemic and the temporary closure of our stores, has also been a real boom. Our online business and our notoriety on social networks has grown and the love you gave us when our stores reopened was stronger than ever.

We can never thank you enough, without you nothing would have been possible.

2022; The pride of our first tropical capsule and a trip to Ibiza

In 2022, we want to innovate and bring something new to the brand. We are embarking on a new adventure, that of creating a textile capsule on the theme of the tropics. New materials are worked and thousands of hours of work allow us to obtain a result of which we are particularly proud. The Tropical capsule goes live in April 2022 and we are traveling to Ibiza accompanied by five pretty ladies for its launch.

Tropical Capsule Ibiza

2023; new adventures in sight and a team that continues to grow

Stay close to us in 2023, it will be a year full of surprises! This year is our 15th anniversary so we want to bring you as much as you have brought us in 15 years! In 2023 we released our Spring-Summer 2023 collection, many projects are underway and the team has never been so large! Each one brings to L’atelier des Dames their personality, their talent, their experience, their touch of madness. There are now 18 ladies on the team and 3 superb sales agents.

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