Shooting collection printemps été 2023 - L'Atelier des Dames

We share our 💖 shots for this summer!

A new collection is out at L'Atelier des Dames! Accompanied by new ranges, it offers you an experience rich in colors, grigris and stones that will capsize your heart.
So, let us take you on a journey to the southwest coast and discover our world with pretty colorful shells, sumptuous starfish, crescent moons and more.
It follows that it is up to the tastes of each of our ladies to bring out the confident and proud aura that each woman carries within her.

For the most discreet 💛

The Manon range is perfect for you.
These golden tones will match all the pieces in your wardrobe.
Even combined with your simplest outfit, our grigri hoop earrings can give a special and unique touch to your look!
Otherwise, for a mark of originality, you can opt for the long starfish or shell necklace.
Necklace - Bracelet - Grigri Doré - L'Atelier des Dames Grigri hoop earrings - Manon range - L'Atelier des Dames
Long starfish necklace - Manon range - L'Atelier des dames Long shell necklace - Manon range - L'Atelier des dames


We want color 🌈

Dare to use color with our two magnificent ranges, Carla Range and Gatsby Range.

With chains adorned with stones and grigris for a peppy look that will brighten up your outfits .

Adopt our joyful jewelry to brighten up your day 😍!

Carla range


Long Double Necklace - Carla Range - L'Atelier des Dames Grigri stone bracelet - Carla Range - L'Atelier des Dames


Gatsby range

Gatsby range - L'Atelier des Dames - Fine stones


For sunny days ☀️

The sunny days are coming, it's time to plan outfits for these little holidays, but also ornaments that will make the difference.

L’Atelier des Dames is here for you!

For those looking for jewelry that will go with their golden skin this summer, the Margaux range , in rubber and pastel tones, is waiting for you.
Margaux Range - Grigri Peach Gum - L'Atelier des Dames Margaux Range - Grigri Gum Turquoise - L'Atelier des Dames
Spring summer 2023 collection shoot - L'Atelier des Dames

For the most romantic ❤️

We have put together a pretty set for you that will take you back to your first love story with the Elsa range . Elsa? Princess Elsa? Snow Queen ? Coincidence? I'll let you form your opinion. But one thing is certain, your daughters, granddaughters and nieces will be delighted to wear a piece of jewelry bearing the name Elsa, Snow Queen or not.
Our favorite is the mother-of-pearl one which echoes the pure love that a prince has for his princess.
Mother-of-pearl : stone known for its soothing benefits.
Labradorite : excellent shield against negative waves.
Amazonite : comforting stone that helps overcome daily stress.
Fine stone heart necklace - Elsa range - L'Atelier des Dames Stone heart hoop earrings - Elsa range - L'Atelier des Dames Fine stone heart ring - Elsa range - L'Atelier des Dames
Each of our ranges bears the first name of a lady from the workshop. Let us know which one you identify with in a little comment, we'll be happy to read you 😁.
Always ready to welcome you to our stores in Biarritz, Hossegor and Bordeaux, come and give us a 👋!
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