On vous fait découvrir nos coins favoris d'Hossegor ☀️

We'll show you our favorite corners of Hossegor ☀️

It's summer ! And yes, summer means sun , walks by the sea , vacations , visits and discovery of new key places ! We know that the beauty of our Atlantic coast attracts many people, especially during this period! We thought of you and put together a list of our favorite places to absolutely visit during your stay in Hossegor !

To begin, we advise you to opt for a walk contemplating the Landes landscapes and enjoying the pure air of our Atlantic coast. Start your visit around the lake, it's up to you to choose whether you want to do it on foot or by bike, with family, friends or alone to recharge your batteries. The landscapes and the calm of the walk will certainly disorient you! You can continue your tour to the port of Capbreton , where the charm of the city will surely make you fall in love! In addition, Lake Hossegor also allows you to do fun activities such as paddle boarding or kayaking ! At the workshop, we had the chance to take advantage of it and we can tell you that the afternoon was memorable with Lake Paddle !

How can we not continue to present to you the things to do in Hossegor without talking to you about food! On the coast you can enjoy superb restaurants , with breathtaking views! By the beach, in the city center, it's up to you! Personally, we are fans of Green Cantine , we have always been wonderfully received and we have always had a great time!

After having eaten well, it is time to go and rest . What if we went to the beach to take a big nap on the warm sand ? The sun is out, the sound of the waves soothes us, all you have to do is dream... With friends or family, a little swim under the bright coastal sun always feels good. You can opt for games to play on the sand, but also watch the surfers taming the Atlantic waves. And why not get started? There are many surf schools waiting for you, ready to support the bravest among you with Chipiron ?

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If you want to do some shopping , go to the Pédebert area ! Many stores await you there and you will not be disappointed! You can also stop there for a snack , a coffee or a drink with your friends. With the Atelier team, we stopped at Spot Palace and the place is superb! Magnificent decoration, friendly staff and good meals, what more could you ask for?

You can then go to Avenue Paul Lahary . This square allows you to discover many shops and cafes in the city center . Treat yourself to a little ice cream at Tante Jeanne who will accompany you all along the avenue. End your walk by stopping by to see us in store ! Our Hossegor boutique is ready to welcome you and our sales team will do everything in its power to find the jewelry that will enhance your everyday life!

End your day enjoying a sunset that only the moors can offer you!

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