On vous partage les Coups de CƓur de notre Nouvelle Collection 💖

We share with you the Favorites of our New Collection 💖

You may have already fallen for one of the wonders of our new collection. We offer you new ranges of jewelry with new stones and new colors . All our creations have been designed to enhance you and give you confidence on a daily basis.

Black Onyx to bring you harmony and balance đŸ–€

We fell in love with the Black Onyx and Chysocolla jewelry from the Coralie range. Black Onyx increases self-control , develops a sense of responsibility and brings harmony and balance between body and mind. For its part, Chrysocolla , symbol of love and harmony , facilitates communication by allowing you to calmly express your feelings and intentions.

The big news: the Heishi & Faceted Stone Necklace 😍

Do you want to attract attention? Opt for this necklace, I assure you that you will not go unnoticed! The heishi necklace has been revisited with a detachable faceted azurite stone . It’s the detail that adds a touch of color and extra sparkle . At the Atelier we are fans of the final result! This original and modular necklace allows you to create unique combinations adapted to your style.

Rhodonite: the new stone that makes us fall in love 💕

How can we continue this selection without introducing you to the new stone that is making our entire team fall in love? La Rhodonite arrives at the Atelier and offers jewelry with a colorful and trendy look . Stone of love and forgiveness , Rhodonite helps resolve conflicts and release all buried anger. Its soothing properties will allow you to let go to step back and forgive. In addition, it develops self-confidence and open-mindedness.

Carla: the range that will add color to your lives 🌈

We finish our selection of favorites by presenting you the gems from our Carla range . We love jewelry decorated with colorful grigris which brings a touch of pep to every outfit. Dare to use color with this vibrant range and let us take you on a journey with our sublime Carla range . Pretty charms , daisies , heart jewelry , color and much more.

Find all the wonders of our collection on our website and in our three stores ❀

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