Nos supers colliers détachables !

Our great detachable collars!

Over the years, L'Atelier des Dames has developed numerous jewelry gilded with fine gold . Made up of fish scales and then fine stones, these pieces are designed and imagined by the two creators, Caroline and Quitterie, in our workshop in Hossegor. The compositions follow one another while leaving more and more room for your creativity .

Blog - Our great detachable collars

The creation of an innovative necklace...*

The jewelry from L'Atelier des Dames is mainly composed of fine stones . Only the MANON range offers 100% gold pieces. They combine perfectly with other more colorful jewelry such as those from the CELINE range or the ANITA range . Mixtures that are made on the silhouettes of our models during photo shoots. They reflect the accumulation possibilities that can be achieved with jewelry from several ranges and several colors.

The combinations are also made on a smaller scale on the jewelry itself. And yes, you may not have noticed it yet but there is a lot of mixing of stones, materials and styles . These assemblies offer multiple possibilities to allow you to find THE piece of jewelry that will suit you . Creativity no longer has limits for designers who offer you new iconic pieces every season like the detachable necklace .

Blog - Our great detachable collars

… which adapts to your looks…

Said like that, it's difficult to visualize these necklaces. But don't panic, we're here to explain it to you. The detachable necklace has been imagined as a designer piece , each row has been carefully selected to form a uniform and simple whole to wear on all occasions. Even if this piece cannot be personalized, strictly speaking, it offers several possibilities for the person who wears it. Indeed, the term detachable refers to the 3 rows which can be distracted at the base .

The detachable collar arrived with us some time ago, in different forms and it made its place in our catalog thanks to its composition and its ingenuity . The principle is simple, you have a necklace made up of several rows, similar or varied , hung on the same base, most often a chain. Using the clasps placed at the ends of the base, you can remove or add new rows according to your desire, your style or your inspirations.

The entire necklace is sold as a piece, so it is not possible to purchase only 1 or 2 rows if the necklace is made up of 3.

Blog - Our detachable necklaces - L'Atelier des DamesBlog - Our detachable necklaces - L'Atelier des DamesBlog - Our detachable necklaces - L'Atelier des Dames

…and your style!

This necklace is available in several colors and in different ranges from this fall winter 2022 collection.

You can find it in the BILLIE range with a new stone: Dalmatian jasper . An adornment in cold colors that mixes the blue of amazonite, the black of black onyx and the white of mother-of-pearl. Each rank has its own universe: the heishi tube , the chain and its drop medallion , the heishi and its oval medallion . The necklaces from the ANITA and CELINE range follow the same logic in creation with differences in the colors of the stones. The ANITA range highlights carnelian, amazonite, black onyx and mother-of-pearl. As for CELINE, more pastel colors appear thanks to chrysoprase, labradorite and strawberry quartz.

Each of these necklaces has clasps to remove the rows and thus form a single necklace for a high round neck, a double necklace with a v-neck and a multi-row necklace with a pretty neckline.

Blog - Our detachable necklaces - L'Atelier des DamesBlog - Our detachable necklaces - L'Atelier des DamesBlog - Our detachable necklaces - L'Atelier des Dames

The detachable necklace offers different colors to allow you to choose your piece of the season with ease!

Blog - L'Atelier des Dames

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