Rhodonite : la pierre d'amour et de féminité

Rhodonite: the stone of love and femininity

We promised you new stones , you will not be disappointed! Our new collection highlights craftsmanship , creation and people .

Our desire to create would be nothing without the pleasure of sharing our creations with you. Within our new collection, you can find rhodonite jewelry. We have chosen to integrate this stone into our collections since it offers magnificent reflections and pretty colors . We also love it for its many virtues !

Indeed, Rhodonite helps resolve conflicts and release all buried anger. Its soothing properties will allow you to let go to develop self-confidence and open-mindedness. Relationships with others and with oneself are softer and more serene. It is THE stone of femininity , all softness and sensitivity .

Find all our rhodonite jewelry in our Alba range:


You will all fall for this new heishi necklace from the ALBA range.

With its pink tones , it will bring you love, sweetness and tenderness.

It's up to you to choose with which other pieces you want to accumulate it and don't hesitate to play with the different lengths of necklaces !


We really fell in love with this two-material heishi necklace in rhodonite and black onyx .

Elegant and refined, this necklace gives a touch of color to all your outfits.

The particularity of this necklace is that it gives you the choice! It's up to you whether you want to wear it with or without the medallion .

We continue our selection of Rhodonite jewelry with this pretty heishi bracelet from the ALBA range. We love the mix of materials and colors it offers. Composed of black onyx , it will bring harmony and balance between body and mind. Add a Black Onyx heishi bracelet from the Coralie range to your wrist! The result will be just incredible!


How can we not finish this selection without introducing you to the sublime heishi stud earrings from the ALBA range!

In a few words, it is a bold selection of stones that highlight each face thanks to rhodonite and black onyx. These heishi stud earrings are unique pieces that add a touch of natural elegance to your style.

Find all our Rhodonite jewelry on our website and in our three stores!

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