Découvrez notre gamme Manon composée de bijoux 100% dorés

Discover our Manon range composed of 100% gold jewelry

Today we meet to present to you one of the flagship ranges of the Atelier : our sublime Manon range

This range of jewelry is both chic and refined . Its particularity is that it blends perfectly with all the rest of our jewelry. Gold allows you to play with accumulations , whether on bracelets or necklaces or you can wear them alone if you want a simple and discreet look.

It is also a range rich in symbolism , you can find the beetle, the eye, the tiger and even the snake .

The scarab is a true protective symbol , it is capable of repelling negative forces and bringing luck to those who wear it or display it in their environment.


For its part, the eye is also seen as a protective symbol. It is often considered the seat of knowledge, perception and wisdom. It represents the ability to see the truth and understand the world around us.


The tiger is a symbol of strength and power . His presence gives you energy, determination and motivates you to undertake and accomplish your projects with confidence.

One more reason to display it proudly as an adornment to immediately gain presence . This animal full of character will definitely make you gain confidence .

Finally, the snake is a symbol of fertility, rebirth and desire but also of wisdom and eternity. An animal with ambivalent character traits that will bring you a lot on a daily basis.


We really fell in love with the hoop earrings found in the Manon range . With the different sizes and models of hoop earrings available, you can only find what you're looking for ! The small golden pearl hoop earrings are both discreet and elegant ! We assure you that they will have their effect in all circumstances.
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