Voyagez dans l’univers créatif de l'Atelier : Découvrez nos nouveaux bureaux à la zone pédebert, Hossegor ✨

Travel into the creative universe of the Atelier: Discover our new offices in the pédebert zone, Hossegor ✨

We are delighted to share with you our new creative nest in Zone Pédebert, Hossegor, located at 110 Avenue de Pascouaou . This move marks the start of an adventure full of good vibes , in a 160 m2 space designed by the architect Jean Baptiste de Figure Libre, and imbued with a resolutely feminine energy .

A visit is essential!

The creative workshop:

Immerse yourself in the soft, natural light that bathes our office space. This is where all creations come to life, from jewelry to inspiration ! Everything is a beautiful mix made in joy and good humor, good vibes atmosphere guaranteed.

The boudoir of pink meetings :

Enter our meeting cocoon where pink reigns supreme. From the table to the neon lights, every detail has been carefully crafted by our team, creating an ideal atmosphere for discussions that are as joyful as they are productive .

The boss oasis:

Explore the creative space of the Atelier magicians. Face-to-face offices encourage inspiring exchanges on a daily basis. Each piece of furniture, each shelf, everything is assembled made in l'Atelier des Dames .

The creation workshop and the parcel den:

Return to the very essence of creation , with cleverly organized storage. It is also here that Elsa's prepare your packages with love and precision , in a unique " drive-in " style.

The dream photo studio:

Upstairs, our photo studio becomes the place where boundless creativity , artistic choreographies and dazzling shooting sessions for our new collections and jewelry are expressed.

Showroom secrets:

Our mysterious room, the showroom , opens to you. A unique space where " Last Chance " and new collections coexist, enhanced with exclusive offers that you won't find anywhere else. A masterful fresco , hand-painted by Flora, our artistic director, brings this vibrantly creative space to life.

Join us every Friday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. until December 22 to immerse yourself in this good vibes universe. A unique experience awaits you in our brand new creative setting, imbued with sparkling feminine energy 🌟✨

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