It's our anniversary! 15 years of creation, new products, inspiration, jewelry and colors.

We wanted to celebrate this event with a festive New Collection to celebrate our history and our values ​​of femininity, craftsmanship and creation.

15 years of charms, amulets, talismans which establish our desire to always be a lucky charm which adorns you, gives you confidence and which you can choose according to the virtues of lithotherapy, symbols of luck and fortune or colors that illuminate you.

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The brand's values ​​have remained the same since the beginning: Femininity, Creation, Craftsmanship, Humanity and Satisfaction.

It is again in this state of mind that Caroline and Quitterie designed this summer 2023 collection which further enhances fine stone in all its particularities; some are worked in facets, marquises or other cabochons while others remain smooth to reveal their roughness and inclusions.

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Stone is once again at the heart of the inspirations of this winter 22-23 collection, with new assortments in shades or on the contrary in contrasts.

The necklaces are worn in different lengths, with all rows or in personalized versions with detachable elements, each person will choose their combination and their style of the moment in a range of fine stones of all colors: warm colors with carnelian, quartz strawberry, chalcedony and shades of blue with amazonite, chrysoprase, lapis lazuli, and neutral stones like labradorite, mother-of-pearl or moonstone.

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