Charms : la touche magique pour des bijoux qui vous ressemblent !

Charms: the magic touch for jewelry that suits you!

Jewelry is more than just accessories, it is an extension of our personality and style. And what could be better than being able to personalize them and compose them according to our desires? This is where the GRIGRI range from Atelier comes into play! These varied charms of spiritual symbols , lucky medallions or even dazzling natural stones , offer us a multitude of possibilities for creating unique jewelry.

So, dive with us into the magical world of charms and discover everything this range has to offer. We also give you advice on how to make your own jewelry using these little treasures.

Discovering our charms 👀

Our charms are real golden treasures, classified into six fascinating families. The astro family offers 12 charms to dress your jewelry with a mystical shine. The family of lucky medallions includes powerful symbols such as the Turkish eye for protection , the votive heart for recognition , and the bee for perseverance . The family of symbols offers charms inspired by the moon , the snake , the angel , and many others. The stone family offers you a palette of more than 18 natural stones , such as coral , chrysocolla , rhodonite and aquaterra jasper . The beach family is a reminder of your seaside vacation memories . And finally, the letters and numbers in mother-of-pearl. All brought together to allow you to personalize your jewelry with unique shapes and colors and create the jewelry that tells your story.

There isn't enough space to put all the charms that we love at the Atelier, but after a quick survey of the team, here is the small selection that came out:

Golden virgin charmGolden tarot card charmRhodonite stem charmPink chalcedony ex voto heart charmGolden hand charm

Create your jewelry with style 💫

Obviously, we have thought of everything, our charms have clasps to allow you to clip them wherever you want on your necklace or bracelet. We offer you a total of 12 bases , six necklaces and six bracelets . You will definitely find what you are looking for, there is everything: fine chains , pearl chains , mesh chains, small or large, rectangular or oval, and of course the lengths vary depending on the chain.

And I almost forgot! We have also provided three gold-plated hoop bases, from small to large, on which the charm of your choice is mounted directly. You can even have fun with mismatched hoop earrings for a touch of originality.

Unique combinations

You will surely have understood, the charms that we offer you are not chosen at random by our charming Caroline and Quitterie. They took great care to choose each charm based on their benefits. They are real lucky charms with special energies that they put at your disposal. Let us share some of our inspirations with you, because you can imagine that when our charms are combined, they tell a story and come together to give you the energy you need.

We show you a small selection of our inspirations composed by our talented Flora:

A lucky charm on the wrist, a touch of harmony on the neck or a holiday souvenir

Composition of lucky charm bracelet Harmony charms necklace compositionComposition bracelet charms marine treasure

Are you still with me? I invite you to leave me a little comment to give me your opinion on the GRIGRI range. And above all, I'm curious to know if it made you want to create your own jewelry. If you have already done so, what charms have you fallen for?

Personally, the protection charm bracelet caught my eye, my wrist was asking for it so much, so did I give in? Absolutely ! And since then, I have never stopped admiring him. Who knows, I will soon find him a companion.

Small selection of photos of the charms
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